3 Bed House in Coimbra Pomares Portugal

3 Bed House in Coimbra Pomares Portugal

3 Bed House in Coimbra Pomares Portugal

About The Property:

The house has been renovated, is comfortable and is built of granite blocks. It is situated in central Portugal at the foot of the 'Acor- Gebirges'  The house has 265 sq.m., including the garage, 3 storeys, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms,  a kitchen, 2 large living rooms one with a 'closed' fireplace. (I don't know how many smaller rooms but it appears that the cellar-type ground floor has a large area where local artists would have held exhibitions.

There are 2 or 3 covered terraces and several open. (It is built on the side of a hill, south facing). It is on the village's border with an open view which will not be built on. The house is connected to the local utilities electric, water and sewage. The countryside is very beautiful and the village is both interesting and well set out with good infrastructure. The house has no pool but there is swimming in the village which is 3 minutes away.

The terraced garden is well maintained and planted and has an area of 1250 sq.m. with its own well giving about 3000


About Coimbra:

The medieval capital of Portugal for over a hundred years, and site of the country’s greatest university for the past five centuries, Coimbra wears its weighty importance in Portuguese history with dignity. Its atmospheric, beautiful historic core cascades down a hillside in a lovely setting on the east bank of the Rio Mondego: it's a multicoloured collage of buildings spanning nearly a millennium.

During the academic year, you’ll be sure to feel the university’s influence. Students throng bars and cafes, and graffiti scrawled outside repúblicas (communal student dwellings) address the political issues of the day. On a summer evening, the city’s old stone walls reverberate with the haunting metallic notes of the guitarra (Portuguese guitar) and the full, deep voices of fado singers.

Then there's the city’s modern side – a contemporary riverfront park with terrace bars and restaurants, a spiffy pedestrian bridge across the Mondego, and vast shopping complexes.

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City / Town: Pomares
County: Coimbra
Country: Portugal

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Property Location: Portugal

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