Algarve Portugal Orange Farm with a major upside

Algarve Portugal Orange Farm with a major upside

Algarve Orange Farm with a major upside

Unique opportunity

Significant farming value present and future

Rural setting close to the seaside

Located in the Silves municipality

Easy access to the nearby Faro airport

Good motorway connection to Lisbon 251Km

Farm areas and its use:

Total area of the farm is 223,000sqm

220,000sqm have orange trees

The whole farm is equipped with an irrigation system using water coming from a nearby dam. Additionally there is a well operated with an electric pump.

Houses and non-farming spaces occupy 3000 sqm

The 3000 sqm include the houses and additional spaces that can be made part of a new development, i.e. they are not assigned to the farming production

Old houses located at the top of a gentle hill in the centre of the farm.

Surrounding support spaces and existing small houses can be attached to the new development that we have the right to build, replacing the old decrepit one

Together with the farm a unique right to build

The existing houses are in very poor condition and should be bulldozed.

The local authorities do not grant new building permits in this farmland area.

A small plot in an approved estate with a right to build costs typically €500K and more.

Villas in the Algarve in existing developments cost typically more than €2m and quite often more than €10m.

The current property owner has secured the right to redevelop the existing built up area.

To secure the approvals the current owner had to use the services of an architect’s office and present a detailed project. A future owner could redesign the existing approvals to meet his/her taste. In view that this is a project it is likely that the existing architect’s project could be used and still match the interests and taste of the new owner.

Exceptional and unique opportunity

Farm +

Unique right to build up to 1800m2

Tax treatment is more favourable than a non-farm estate

Represents a unique opportunity

The asking price is €3m

An SA company with a share capital of €400,000.

The transaction could involve more than one buyer. At €3m price if 6 buyers would buy an equal share of €500K each one would benefit from a permanent residency permit in a Schengen area country. The law firm used by Rosoda, SA could assist with this and other aspects.

Other location details

Several seaside beach options, with an estimated travel time by car of circa 20 minutes.

The Faro airport is only 60Km away and the travel time is circa 40 minutes.

Faro is well connected directly with most European cities and London in particular.

The distance to the Lisbon airport is 251km and the likely travel time is 2H: 30M. Lisbon is very well connected to virtually anywhere in the globe.

Contact Euro Resales Ltd for more information.

Country: Portugal

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