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Land and Ruins For Sale in Azere Portugal

Land and Ruins For Sale in Azere Portugal

Land and Ruins For Sale in Azere Portugal 

Euroresales Property ID-  9825549

Land Information:

These Plots of Land are located in Azere, Portugal in the region of Tabua. 

There are two parts of the land, one with the ruins on it and the other that slopes down towards the river. 

The land is approx 17,100m2 whilist the other part is alot smaller. 

The Land and Ruins are set in a Conservation area on the edge of the River Mondego. 

These two land plots have great potential for redevelopment or turned into agricultural land. 

The land is divided in terraces and has its own Olive Trees and Grape Vines, there is also a small running brook/stream that runs alongside the ruin, which is on a granite area.

The smaller plot of land also has a small ruin on the edge of the river, which could be adapted to be used as a mooring.  

About the Area: 

Ázere is a village belonging to the parish of Ázere , municipality of Tábua , district of Coimbra , 6 km from Vila de Tábua, 17.2 km from Santa Comba Dão and 25.7 km from Vila de Arganil, being bathed by the River Mondego .

Currently, its population consists of about 250 inhabitants.

Ázere is an old Portuguese parish in the municipality of Tábua . With an area of 11.95 km², 686 inhabitants (2011) and a population density of 57.4 inhabitants / km². In 2013, as part of the administrative reform, it was annexed to the parish of Covelo, creating the Union of Parishes of Ázere and Covelo .

This old parish, which was once a municipality, belonged to Count Fernando Peres, who escaped it in 1123, obtained authorization from Queen D. Teresa, with the Bishop of Coimbra, D. Gonçalo. Páraco was presented by the Count of Óbidos.

The municipality of Ázere in 1527, according to the Population Register of the Kingdom by João Maria Tello de Magalhães Collaço, had 75 inhabitants.

It consisted of the parishes of Ázere and Covelo . In 1666 Covelo is detached, becoming known for a long time by the name of Covelos, in plural, from the two villages, Covelo de Cima and Covelo de Baixo.

During the French Invasions and their escape in 1811 towards Spain, there were 8 deaths, destruction of crops and looting of the Church and Chapels.

It was a town and county seat until the early 19th century .

In 1801 it had 1,187 inhabitants.

Currently, the villages that make up this parish are: Ázere, Espadanal, Lageosa and Vila Seca.

Nearby Attractions:-

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