5000m2 Land in Ericeira

5000m2 Land in Ericeira

5000m2 Land in Ericeira 

Unique land opportunity in the scenic Ericeira in Portugal. This plot comes with the permission to build at least 25 units with options for 50% of the land to used for construction (2500m2 covered area, it can be more depending on the project!), but only  up to 4 floors max. This is suitable for many projects including a Hotel, Private School, Senior Residence for elderly or simply your dream luxury home...

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon – Europe’s hottest property markets right now, prices are rising fast due to high investor demand.

However, within a leisurely half hour drive of Lisbon lies the beautiful fishing village of Ericeira, a weekend-getaway for Lisbon’s inhabitants. It could be an alternative destination for your property search, if you’re looking to begin a new life in Portugal or hoping to invest in property that will rent out well throughout the year.

Ericeira is  located at northwest of the capital, at about 35 minutes by highway from Lisbon’s International Airport, and also known for its warm and welcoming people that love to receive surfers and tourists all year. You’ll fall in love for the fresh fish brought in every morning by the fishermen, the natural beauty of the surroundings and the magic of Ericeira night life.

The town sits on a high sandstone cliff, overlooking a stunning beach. Ericeira is popular with surfers, offering around 30 different surf spots. The best beaches for swimming and surfing are Fisherman’s Beach, Praia da Balaia, Foz do Lizandro and the Ribeira d’Ilhas beach.

The small town is a charming example of what traditional Portuguese fishing communities used to look like, with cafés and shops, bars and seafood restaurants to provide enough of a lively nightlife, but without the nightclubs that attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

Ericeira became a World Surfing Reserve on 14 October 2011. When this was declared by the international organisation Save the Waves Coalition. It was only the 2nd Reserve to be distinguished worldwide, and remains the only one in Europe until today.

The Ericeira World Surfing Reserve is part of the Mafra Municipality, extending between the Empa and São Lourenço beaches, on a coastal belt that covers seven world-class waves in a space of only 4 km: Pedra Branca, Reef, Ribeira d’Ilhas, Cave, Crazy Left, Coxos and São Lourenço.

“The few kilometres covered by the Ericeira Reserve are a true heritage of humanity.”

The great attraction that brings visitors to this part of the Atlantic Ocean are the white sandy beaches and great surfing conditions. It’s also a fantastic place to practice your surfing skills, as the beaches boasts many deserted beaches.

Ericeira itself is a charming place, with an Old Town on one side of the Atlantic Ocean and a new fast growing city going up on the hill. Cobbled streets and white-washed houses, quiet plazas and moderate nightlife make this a wonderful retreat.

There are several surf schools offering tuition for beginners and more advanced surfers. If you are thinking of buying a commercial property that will offer surfers a first glimpse of this up-and-coming area along the Western Atlantic coast, Ericeira and the surrounding villages could be a good place to open a surfers hostel or surf lodge, hotel, gym, spa, or build apartments to sell.

Ericeira is not only a great place to live, it also offers amazing business opportunities for those who are willing to invest in anything related with its main economic activities: surf and tourism.

Many foreigners came as tourists and ended up buying properties to live. Others buy land as an investment and sell it years later. It’s definitely a great opportunity and a good time to invest.

To live

Ericeira is only 40 Km from Lisbon by highway and 7 Km from Mafra. In Ericeira you can find everything for your day-to-day life like schools, kindergardens, health clinics, gyms, supermarkets, pharmacies, shops, restaurants, ATMs, banks, good mobile network coverage and fiber optics internet.

For business

– You can build your summer-house in Ericeira. When you are not here you can rent it (an agency will take care of it, for example).

– If you prefer to invest and buy the land we are about to show,  you can build up to 25 units on it. Apartments, Hotel,  Home of the Elderly etc.

– Or, you can just sell it in a few years and double your investment as the market price by m2 tend to go higher every year.

About the Land

Located on the top of the hill with sea view from the 1st floor up. 

5 minutes walk to the nearest beach, or to the village’s center.

Land is close to everything you need for day-to-day life in 5-8 min.  walk all of them

* land in Urban Zone, 

* paved roads to land

* land with beach view

On the plot

phone line
from the land 5 min. by car the highway to Lisboa
Urban Area
shops, supermarkets
clinics, health center
gym, pools
several hypermarkets
surf schools

About the Area 

Ericeira e Mafra is the II. best municipality of Lisbon capital of Portugal

The municipality of Ericeira and Mafra are at the top of the best to live in according to a study by  the largest real estate portal in Portugal: Ericeira is in 2nd position, being only supplanted by Parque das Nações, with Mafra closing the podium in 3rd place in the ranking.

They scored the 67 municipality of Great Lisbon (covering the municipalities of Amadora, Cascais, Lisbon, Loures, Mafra, Odivelas, Oeiras, Sintra and Vila Franca de Xira) according to 12 criteria and compiled a list of the best and worst for live after gathering the opinion of 2,200 people.

The evaluations were based on 12 criteria: safety, cleanliness, air quality, silence, public transport, shops and restaurants, leisure spaces, educational establishments, health facilities, cost of view, access and parking.

Within these parameters, Ericeira was considered the safest and best air quality municipal.

The three factors that were rated higher overall were Security, Access and Stores and Restaurants. ‘Leisure Space’, ‘Health Space’ and ‘Cleanliness’ were the factors that received the worst ratings from the overall parish assessment.

The municipality of Parque das Nações stood out the best, with a total of 4.38 points on a scale from zero to five. According to the study, security, access and shops and restaurants are the main strengths of that area. Ericeira scored 4.28 points and Mafra 4.19.

Of the 10 best evaluated municipalities, 4 are from the Municipality of Lisbon, and the rest belong to the Municipal of Mafra, Oeiras, Sintra and Cascais. Amadora and Sintra are the municipalities that concentrate the six worst evaluated parishes of the top 10.

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