Excellent 3 Bedroom Bungalow in Jako Hungary

Excellent 3 Bedroom Bungalow in Jako Hungary

Excellent 3 Bedroom Bungalow in Jako Hungary

Euroresales Property ID – 9825007

Property information: 

This property is an excellent 3-bedroom bungalow in need of some renovation.

The bungalow is located in Jako, near Kaposvar in Hungary in a nice residential neighbourhood.

The entire property has recently been rewired and fitted with a new shower room and kitchen.

The property is in am easily accessible location near a station and within walking distance of shops.

The property is situated on a plot which has a total surface area of 2543 square metres.

Also included is an area for private, off-street parking on the premises.

A superb opportunity for those interested in owning property in this superb area within Jako, Hungary.

Other Information:

  • Bedrooms – 3
  • Bathrooms- 1
  • Plot Size – 2543 square metres
  • Parking – Off-street

About the Area:

Jákó is a village in Somogy county, Hungary. Somogy is an administrative county in present Hungary, and also in the former Kingdom of Hungary.

Somogy County lies in south-western Hungary, on the border with Croatia. It stretches between the river Dráva and the southern shore of Lake Balaton. 

It shares borders with the Hungarian counties of Zala, Veszprém, Fejér, Tolna, and Baranya. It is the most sparsely populated county in Hungary. The capital of Somogy County is Kaposvár. Its area is 6,036 km².

In 2015, it had a population of 312,084 and the population density was 52/km².

Hungary has a temperate seasonal climate, with generally warm summers with low overall humidity levels but frequent rain showers and cold snowy winters. 

Average annual temperature is 9.7 °C. Average high temperature in the summer is 23 to 28°C and average low temperature in the winter is −3 to −7°C.

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Country: Hungary

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