Advice and Tips on Selling Overseas Property Online in 2018

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Are you looking for tips on selling overseas property online in 2018? Then read on!


The overseas property market in Europe heaved a big sigh of relief when Emmanuel Macron won the Presidential race in France, beating the notorious Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen earlier in May this year.


This ensures that there will be a state of continuity in Europe and there won’t be a “Frexit” similar to Brexit. This was much needed good news after the Brexit vote of June 23, 2016. Keeping this in mind, here is a guide to selling your overseas property online in 2018.


Tip #1: Do your research.

You must, first of all, do your research and study the overseas property market before putting up your property for sale. You should not set a price for the property that is much higher than what comparable properties in the area are selling for. You should not be in a rush and study the market methodically.


Tip #2: Emphasize the unique selling point of the property.

Why should anyone buy your property? What are buyers looking for? Are they looking for a place to spend their retirement, or just a spot to spend their winter holidays? Is your property a valuable investment and could  it earn an excellent rental income for whoever buys it? Keeping this in mind, focus on marketing the property relentlessly to your target buyers.


Tip #3: Who is your target buyer?

To whom are you going to sell your property? Are you going to target Chinese buyers, who are today among the biggest buyers of overseas property, having invested as much as $35 billion into buying properties across Europe and elsewhere in the world in 2017?


 Are you going to focus on Russian buyers who are known to be serious cash buyers who waste no time in getting their hands on a property if they happen to like it, even to the extent of over bidding for it?


Maybe you are going to target the German and Scandinavian markets. Germans, Swedes and Norwegians are now the biggest buyers of properties in Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal and other top overseas property destinations.


 In fact, the impact of the Brexit referendum and the subsequent decline in the British interest in European properties has not even been felt because British buyers have been replaced by their German and Scandinavian counterparts. So know which market you want to sell to.


 Tip #4: Focus on online marketing.

The traditional forms of real estate marketing work only to an extent when you are trying to sell overseas property online. You should focus on various digital marketing techniques such as social media advertising, pay per click advertising and so on. You should go to the online forums and property portals frequented by Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern buyers and market the property on Chinese social media sites such as WeChat.


 Tip #5: Hire an overseas property specialist.

Local estate agents do not have the capability of being able to sell properties to rich, high net worth international investors from countries such as Russia, China, Germany or Sweden. You should hence hire overseas property specialists who have extensive connections with serious cash buyers from such countries and have a massive agent network across all of these markets. An overseas property specialist is skilled at online marketing and knows exactly how to reach out to serious cash buyers who will pay good money for your property. They participate in international property shows and move around in the right circles. They are your best chance of being able to sell your overseas property fast in 2018

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