Tips in Buying Spanish Property

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So you have made the decision to get on a plane and go to Spain to buy a property. Facts show that first time buyers normally buy on the first inspection trip to buy a property in Spain. The fact that you have got on a flight shows the decision is already made you just need to find the right Spanish property for you.
If you are set on buying in one of the Spanish Costas or a inland property in Spain there are a few simple things you need to know to make sure you maximize your inspection trip.
When you have chosen your Spanish Estate Agent and in what region of Spain you want to buy in leave yourself some free time to explore the area be it the local town, beaches bars, shops, restaurants, schools and night life. Bring enough money for a deposit as if you agree to a sale this will have to be paid straight away on the inspection trip. You will need a currency exchange expert and a legal team to act on your behalf after you return to the UK. With the Euro Property network and our partners we have every aspect of this covered if you buy through us 
If you have already chosen another Spanish Estate agent here are some useful tips to help getting your Spanish dream a reality.

1.       The law in Spain is not the same as where you are from so be careful and research everything fully.
2.       Many properties built in Spain are illegal, meaning they never got planning or permission to build. Quite simply these are not worth the hassle and if you Estate Agent is of any worth they will not have these types of properties on their books. 
3.       Know the legal and potential liabilities read up on all aspects of buying property in Spain under Spanish law.
4.       You need a excellent conveyancing lawyer before buying any property in Spain and DO NOT let anyone but that lawyer do the conveyancing on your behalf. Make sure the are independent from the seller. Make sure they speak your language and is qualified in public liability insurance. Last but not least get everything in writing in your language.
5.       Your lawyer has to approve every document before it is signed by you so make sure all documents are translated into your language and explained to you fully before signing on the dotted line..
6.       Remember the Estate agent is not your friend his or her main aim is simply to make their commission and close the sale so any advice you get from a Spanish Estate Agent is always going to be biased. Some local estate agents commission on sale can be the same as their yearly salary due to the economy in Spain so remember this fact when they go out of their way to look after you. If it does not feel right walk away it is your money and there are other properties.
7.       Hire a building surveyor to survey the property before deposits are handed over and also make sure the surveyor is independent.
Make sure they speak your language and are fully qualified under Spanish law so that you know of all potential breaches of planning controls.
8.       Choose the right property in the right location for you. Stay in the area prior to making a offer to get a feel for it.

9.       Buy in a area that will be easily sold on in years to come. Bear this in mind as re sale value is always something that will have to be considered as very few of us live in the one place forever. You may have to move due to health or the death of a loved one at some point so always buy somewhere that can be easily sold on.
10.   Never ever rush into anything. Take your time and make the right choice for you. The right property always comes along at the right time so never make yourself think you need a property as the right one will find you.
We hope this will help you in your search for your Spanish property. Happy Hunting. 
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