Winter Sun Property Investment Locations

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Winter sun desintations have always been popular with UK investors as winter in the UK is always wet, cold and depressing with short nights and extremely low temperatures. More cash rich investors from the UK, Russia, China and overseas want to own second holiday homes in countries where they can escape the winter blues. If you want to buy or sell overseas property in any of these countries we have put together a list of the top places to buy this coming winter.



One of the largest islands on the Mediterranean and again only 4 hours from the UK this is one of the most popular destinations for UK investors as its very similar to the UK in terms of driving on the left hand side of the road and buying property in Cyprus. In winter the sun is out and temperatures are in and around 22 degrees. And flights to and from the UK all year round. Ayia Napa and Pahpos are the two most popular areas to buy in but if you venture out to the smaller towns and villages there are some amazing property bargains to be found.


Barbados & The Caribbean Islands 

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea Barbados is one of the UK investors favourite places to buy property for winter sun. It is a long haul flight to get there but once there its quite simply a paradise location. You have everything from huge complexes of villas and apartments and luxury front line beach property. If you really want to splash out we recommend looking in the areas of Royal Westmoreland and St James and not forgetting Sandy Lane. As your in the Caribbean heat its very hot here all year round.


Western Australia 

With around 24 hours flying time from the UK this part of the world is not for everyone but if you want your winter sun there really is no other place on earth UK overseas property buyers like more . It is the best country to move to for UK cash rich investors as not only are you buying into property but also a way of live and outdoor living. Perth is probably one of the better areas to buy with plenty of property on offer and work for those looking to make the move to one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.



Dubai has always been popular for winter sun investment and is one of the top 7 visited cities in the world. It offers so much to so many different cultures of people from across the globe and there is no shortage of entertainment and things to do. There is all types of property here from multimillion pound 7 star apartments to villas in one of the Palms resorts or the World resort. If you are thinking about buying in Dubai we recommend to do the research about their rules and regulations as its not the same as living in the UK or Europe they have strict laws so please familiarize yourself with them.


The Canary Islands 

At the furthest edge of Europe Gran Canaria, Tenerife & Fuerteventure have sun almost all year round because of the location to the equator. Not only this but they have amazing volcanic landscapes and thriving and bustling resorts. And with only a 4 hour flight from the UK the canary islands are a very popular place to buy overseas property for UK investors. With Tenerife being the largest of the islands it offers the most in terms of excellent property, but if you want the quieter live Fuerteventura is not as commercialised.



It only takes 3 hours to fly here from the UK and in winter has temperatures in the mid 20s so no wonder its becoming very popular with UK buyers looking their little winter sun paradise. Depending on where you want to buy you can be neighbours to celebrities in the Ourika Valley. Or you can opt for a Kasbah property near the beautiful Atlas Mountains. Or if you prefer a city property buy in Marrakesh.


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