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5 Tips to Selling Luxury Real Estate

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Essential Tips to Selling Luxury Real Estate
Tip 1 - First Impressions Count 
Make your property as appealing as possible to buyers from many different cultures and countries. Landscape the Gardens rearrange the furniture to make the property feel as spacious and as homely as possible. We have helped clients find buyers for many luxury properties so staging your home to appeal to everyone is the difference between winning or loosing the sale with the wealthy cash rich buyers.
Tip 2 - Market Worldwide 
Exposure and advertising into cash rich markets is the key to selling Luxury Real estate. Get brochures done and translated into Russian - Chinese and English. List your property in as many overseas property exhibitions as possible. Advertise online with agents who specialize in marketing overseas as a sale for your luxury real estate property can come from anywhere in the world. Make sure the agent you choose is targeting cash rich markets to attract high end buyers. 
Tip 3 - Patience - Patience and more Patience. 
Listen to your agent do not force or rush them to make rash decisions that could end up costing you the sale. Remember at the high end of the market the buyer has the power and will buy a property at their own pace with quite a few demands. Do not make the buyer or agent feel pressured into selling quickly as this will cause tension with the buyer and your agent who has been working hard to close your sale. Follow your agents lead at all time if the offer is low your agent will work for you to get the best price possible from the cash rich buyers. 
Tip 4 -  Work with your Agent  
Your agent works for and is instructed by you but you also need to be prepared to hear some truths about your property and listing price. Take your agents advice he or she knows the trends in the market and what buyers are likely to spend on your property. Your agent is here to set realistic goals and get you that sale to make the commission so make sure you both communicate well. Also remember your agent has other clients so if you have not heard from them in a while pick up the phone and ring them. Communication is the key to keeping your agent happy and having that agent work for you. 
Tip 5 - Extras will help close the deal. 
Use your furniture as a bargaining tool when the buyer is on the inspection trip. Tell them you were going to take it all with you but that if they make an offer you are happy with you will throw in some of the furniture at no extra cost. Buyers want to and love feeling empowered and this is a great way to sweeten the deal. Buyers tend to go for high end luxury property faster when the owner is working with them to close the deal. Your agent will advise you what to do with the buyer every step of the way to help close the deal.
If you have a Luxury Real Estate to sell contact us today. The Euro property network can help you sell direct to cash rich overseas investors. Experts in selling overseas high end property online to the cash rich high end of the market.

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