UK & Irish Estate Agents Selling Property Abroad 2016

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Looking to sell your overseas property? Why is it so important for you to hire the best UK & Irish estate agents selling property abroad in 2016? The best UK & Irish agents who specialise in overseas property have an excellent understanding of the overseas property market. 

They will know about the right price to set for the property, how to market it effectively to cash rich overseas property buyers from China and Russia, and will have an extensive agent network which you can benefit from. They promote your overseas holiday home in international property shows as well.

Selling overseas property is a long drawn process. It takes time and patience, hiring the right UK estate agent is just the start. Let’s understand what an estate agent specialising in overseas property sales does for you.

Agent Network – The best UK estate agents have a massive agent network across Europe and Asia. They will have contacts among the local agents in the country where you have your property and also network effectively with agents in China, Russia, the Middle East and other emerging economies where there is a lot of interest in overseas property in Europe. 

Advertising and Promotions – Your estate agent handles the entire advertising and marketing for the property. They promote the property on Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern property portals, online forums and the social media. They are easy to reach and communicate with and if there are any changes to be made to the property listings, they do this at the earliest opportunity. They are experts in online marketing and ensure that the ads reach the sort of buyers who are most likely to purchase your holiday home abroad. By this, we mean serious international property hunters or cash rich buyers from China, Russia and the Middle East, who are likely to offer an all-cash deal for your overseas home.

Setting the Right Price – Your agent will have studied the overseas market extensively and will know everything about the right prices to set. They will have a good idea of what comparable properties are selling for and base their pricing strategy according to that. You can be confident in their ability to set a price that is attractive enough to interest overseas investors, and high enough to give you a nice profit over the sale. 

Extensive Online Exposure – The overseas estate agents will have a network of websites of their own to promote the property. They also promote the property through the websites belonging to their agent network. So you are assured of maximum exposure for your property through a network of popular property portals.

Physical Offices – Your agent will have physical offices of their own as well. So a potential buyer can always walk into their office and find out what’s on offer. In fact, each member of their agent network will have their own physical office, in addition to an online presence. The physical office builds credibility and trust. 

Photos and Description of the Property – The estate agent handles the photography and the description of the property. They make sure that the property is captured professionally on camera. They handle the property descriptions and present the property as attractively as possible. 

Property Shows – Your UK estate agents participate in property shows across Europe and Asia, especially in emerging nations such as China and Russia, as well as in international cities such as Dubai and Singapore. They network effectively at the property shows and connect with buyers from across the world.

These are just a few reasons why you should hire the best UK agent to sell your overseas property. Your agent should be one who has a good reputation in the overseas property market and has the right combination of the experience, talent and connections.  Contact us today we are experts in all of the above and can help you sell overseas property fast and for the very best price possible.


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