Buying Near British expats in France

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Some areas of France feel like you are in a much warmer and sunnier part of the UK or Ireland this is because many British expats and cash rich Irish property investors now see France as a home from home. You can find this out for yourself if you take a visit to Charente. The number of cars that have UK number plates and expats eating the local French cuisine and range of accents from the UK was astounding.
If you are looking to invest in property in France our advice is to buy in towns like the Most famous is St Antonin de Noble Val in the Lot-et-Garonne; Riberac in the Dordogne; Aix in Provence; Nice on the Cote d’Azur; Aubeterre-sur-Dronne in the Charente; and Yveline in the more western suburbs of Paris city the world famous romantic capital of France..
Overall the are 160,000 UK expats registered as living and residing in the French Mainland as well as 200,000 who own second and third holiday homes in France at the last census count.
The most popular for the UK property investors is the regions of the Dordogne and this is because the countryside is warm and lush and unspoilt with copious amounts of wine and French cuisine for the many UK holiday makers expats to enjoy. It is an day’s drive from Calais for this travelling by boat and car and is close to Paris by Train. Paris also boasts over 20,000 apartments owned by British property investors for weekend homes.
Irish and Brits also love the Poitou-Charentes (La Rochelle, Poitiers, Cognac) is the second most populous for Irish and Brits closely followed by Aquitaine. And not forgetting the Midi-Pyrenees (Toulouse, Albi, Tarbes, Rodez, Moissac) one of the largest regions – so although its Brit and Irish population is substantial, it is very well spread out.
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