Buying Small in Spain Tips for 2019

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Small property in Spain is now in high demand as Spain now becomes a second home for many to spend the best months of the summer. The size of a property is becoming less important so here is a few good tips as to why you should buy a small property in Spain.



1.       Smaller properties are easier to maintain and keep clean. The less floor space you have the less time you spend cleaning meaning you can enjoy the outdoor life allot more.



2.       You don’t buy to fill every room in the property as the size of the interior is small you usually only buy what you need for the property.



3.       You save a fortune on buying furniture for every room meaning more disposable income to enjoy the life outdoors.



4.       When you buy a smaller property you buy for quality not quantity so you will hold out for the best property in Spain for you.



5.       The cost of heating the property in minimal as the property is small.



6.       Nice paintings on the walls will create a fantastic impression of the interior to any family you may have visiting during the summer season.



7.       Because the property is small you are less likely to be messy and the property will be kept very clean.



8.       You will not lose your remote or car keys or wallet as in a small property you have a specific place for everything unlike large properties where you are more likely to leave things in other rooms.



9.       When you have visitors it is very easy to do a quick clean around to clean the property as its small.



10.   For a good price you can buy a small property in a posh area with sea views and private pools and tennis courts.



11.   Small properties are usually very well insulated meaning there is little risk of noise pollution.




If you want to buy a property in Spain contact us today we have many small properties for sale that can meet your requirements in all regions of Spain.

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