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Taxes vary depending on the value and the country you want to purchase property in. Real estate transactions in Europe and the law can be frightening and daunting at times. So it is always important to speak to a lawyer and protect your interests.
Overseas property prices, transaction costs will always vary from country to country in the amount and the types of fees that apply. They can include registration taxes, property transfer taxes, legal fees, notary fees and agents' commissions. Prices also vary based on currency conversions.
Buyers are still benefiting from the struggling overseas property market in many parts of Europe and the world as people are struggling to sell property in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Italy, France and many other parts of the world so there is still some great bargains to be had on the overseas property market.
Contact us today with your budget requirements and one of our expert team of agents will source you property in any country in Europe.
They will also discuss with you what fees and taxes will be payable upon purchase so you go into the deal fully aware of the tax implications.
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