Chinese Property Shows and Exhibitions 2017

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Should you attend Chinese property shows and exhibitions in 2017? You probably should, as these shows are a great way to get in touch with cash rich Chinese buyers who are eager to invest in the overseas property market.


For many Chinese, investing in a property abroad, especially in Europe, is seen as a safe option. Many Chinese have studied abroad and have experienced the high quality of life overseas first hand. So there’s a real need to buy a property abroad.


There are also a number of wealthy older Chinese who have children living abroad, and buying an overseas property allows them to stay close to their children and grandchildren.


Chinese investors are certainly investing in a big way in the overseas property market. Chinese overseas investment was estimated to be over $30 billion in 2016, and it is projected to reach $100 billion by 2025. 


This is a lot of money, which means your chances of selling your overseas property fast depends on how well you’re able to market it to cash rich overseas buyers from China.


That’s why you should consider participating in Chinese property shows and exhibitions in 2017.  What can you expect at such shows?


Well, for one, you will buy serious cash rich Chinese investors, who are really eager to buy properties abroad. You will be able to meet them on a one to one basis and be able to make your presentation in the most effective manner possible, without any distractions of any sort.


This is far more effective than online marketing, as your advertising material is delivered to the right people at the right time.

The atmosphere in these shows is always friendly and polite, which you will find encouraging. Generally, Chinese investors are very nice and polite to prospective sellers, so they will make you feel instantly at home. There is no pressure of any sort, and everyone will give you a friendly and patient hearing.


 You will have a number of opportunities to sell your property to cash rich overseas buyers, and there is every chance that something definite will come out of it. You will not get a better opportunity to sell your overseas property online than at these property shows.


 You will certainly have to deal with a lot of competition, as there will be a lot of choice available to the buyers to pick from. Here too, if you are smart, you will meet with real estate agents from across the world and benefit from their vast agent network that exists in Europe and Asia. You will meet the right people, the sort that will help you sell your property fast.


Of course, if you cannot attend Chinese property shows for any reason, you can always hire overseas property specialists who will market your property on your behalf at these shows.


These estate agents will have excellent presentation skills and have extensive contacts in China and elsewhere in Asia and Europe. So you can certainly benefit from their expertise. Contact us to know more about this.


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