Commission On Sale

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Commission on sale is paid by the buyer in all our clients sales not by the seller ( vendor ) which will save you thousands in estate agents fees.
The buyers are also responsible for all legal fees for the change over of deeds.
The commission the buyer pays on your property ( depending on value ) is always 2 - 5% on top of your net asking price.
When a buyer or investor makes an offer on your property we inform the client there is a commission to pay on top of your asking price.
The reason we work this way is to make your property attractive to our partner agents on the ground handling your inspection trips.
For Properties over a million Euro the commission on top is 2%
For properties over a half a million Euro the commission on top is 3%
For properties under half a million  Euro the commission on top is 5%
At no point the vendor (seller) pays Euro Resales a commission we do not charge the vendor ( seller ) commission.
When a 10% to 20% non refundable deposit has been taken you will receive payment in full within 8 to 12 weeks.
The funds are transferred direct from the buyer to a lawyer ( solicitor ) of your choice to a bank account of your choice.
At no point will Euro Resales hold your proceeds of sale.
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