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Euro Resales aim is simple - attract as many cash rich buyers as possible to your property in as short a time as possible by providing our clients with multi lingual exposure through global marketing as a sale can come from anywhere in the world in todays overseas property market.


Our expert team of agents will professionally translate your adverts into Russian, Chinese, Dutch, German, Swiss, Spanish, French, English, Norwegian and Arabic to attract buyers from across the world and send your adverts and brochures out to hundreds of our partner agents and property portals to attract hundreds of thousands of buyers to your property.


There are 6 million people searching each month to buy European and overseas property online and with our expert agents we will attract every one of these buyers to our website and more importantly to your property.


Our expert team of agents will search engine optomize ( SEO) your adverts and brochures in many languages meaning they are easily found in all the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, and many more as 99% of overseas property sales start with a search online. Our number one priority is to make sure your adverts appear online for all these searches relationg to your area.


As a client of Euro Resales your property will be included not only with all our agents and partners but also all property exhibitions our partners take part in on a monthly on going basis. Where our agents will have the opportunity to present your brochures to buyers on a one to one basis and answer any questions or queries & inform us of any offers they receive on your property at the shows. In todays market exposure is the only thing that sells and we aim to give you more exposure than any other agent on the market to sell overseas property online fast, efficiently and with as little hassle for our clients as possible.


We will handle everything from the mulit lingual marketing to arranging discounted flights for buyers through our partners at skyscanner. Our on the ground agents in each country will handle the inspection trips and meet the buyers to show them your property and we can recommend expert legal teams & notarys to take care of all legal work to close the sale and transfer your funds to a bank of your choice.

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