Guide to Selling Property in Spain

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Here we will provide some useful information and advice to help sell property in Spain fast and attract as many cash rich buyers as possible while complying with the terms for selling Spanish property under Spanish law.

Before you start the selling process you need all your documents of ownership in place. Some older properties in Spain may not have paper work and expert legal team will help you get these. In your Spanish property ownership paperwork make sure all information including the square meter size of the land and sale price are clear. Make sure you let a good Escritura to do it for you to prevent you having to prepare this legal paperwork on your own. Make sure your community charges and maintenance fees are paid up to date as this will put cash rich buyers off. Remember to also pay the Impuesto de Bienes or also known as the IBI at the local town hall on time to prevent charges.
Important things to consider when selling a Spanish property. Tips to achieve a quick sale.
Make sure your property is well presented to attract as many cash rich buyers as possible. A well decorated property shows you took care of the property and is a good investment. Market it online into as many countries buying in Spain as possible. Statistics show Russians and Chinese make op over 50% of the investment going into Spain at present as well as buyers from Germany and the UK. Find a online estate agent who will create professional multi lingual adverts and brochures to attract buyers from all over the world as long gone are the days of selling with local agents. This is where we come in 99% of Spanish property sales now start with online searches.

Market outside of Spain as the Spanish to not buy property they rent. You need to be attracting cash rich overseas buyers to sell property in Spain quickly. When setting the price do some research as to what similar properties near you are advertised for and set your price similar to this. Always be open to offers as no buyer will pay the asking price.

When a buyer makes an offer and you agree on a price hire a reputable lawyer to look after every aspect of your legal work under Spanish law. They will prepare your contract of sale and advising you of all taxes due to the Spanish government on sale. A reputable lawyer will make sure all legal issues will be done correctly throughout the sales process. They will be finalizing your paper work so make sure you get it translated into your language and is clear and concise. Your lawyer can also be your power of attorney to sign the deeds over to the new buyer on your behalf meaning you do not have to travel to Spain. We can recommend many reputable firms in Spain.

When the paper work has been completed at the office of the Notaria Publica. Your ownership will be transferred to the buyer and the sales contract will be reviewed and all funds transferred to you with the help of the notary. After all this has been settled a copy of the title deeds will be passed to the buyer who now owns the property and the notary. The original deed will then be sent to the land registry office to be filed.

As Spanish re sale experts we can help with the sale of your property along every step of the way.
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