Guide to Selling Property in France 2019

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Are you leaving France soon? Desperately want to sell your overseas property in France in 2019? Is this a good time to be selling overseas property in France? Let’s find out!


French Overseas Property Market Trends 2019


What to make of France, really? 1 year back, had you asked us about France we would tell you that it looks like the most promising overseas property market in Europe. A young and ambitious President Emmanuel Macron was sworn in, who promised to be a business friendly leader and bring France closer to the European Union, rather than opt for a “Frexit”.


Macron’s win certainly boosted business sentiments in France and encouraged more foreign investors to buy properties in that country. However, since then, there have been massive protests carried out by the working class in France, which for a while brought the country to a standstill.


There seems to be a growing anger against big business and even against foreign investors – this comes from the public, and not from the government: Which is why many foreign investors have sought to sell their overseas property in France.


This is not to suggest that France has all of a sudden become an unwelcome place for foreigners who wish to buy a second home here – after all, there is a large British expat community in France and they feel very much at home there. But the feeling of distrust is growing and something has to be done to snap it at the bud.


Meanwhile if you’re planning to sell your overseas property in France in 2019, then you should still be able to get a very good price for it. The demand for properties in France remains very strong, especially from wealthy cash-rich Chinese, Russian, Brazilian and Middle Eastern investors.


Also, it helps that outside of Paris, the country is relatively insulated from all of this anger against the government and wealthy people. Life goes on as usual in the French countryside and a cottage in an idyllic French village still fetches a premium in the overseas property market.



Things to Remember When Selling Overseas Property in France in 2019


The fact of the matter is it is as good a time as any to be selling overseas property in France. No home stays on the market for too long, there are always plenty pf bidders for a house in France.


But if you want a really good price for it, you should target cash rich investors from China, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East. These are serious buyers who pay in cash and in full and take your hands off the property in really quick time.


The only problem though is getting in touch with these buyers. You can’t really reach out to them through a local estate agent in France. They do not have the contacts or the expertise to get such buyers to visit your French overseas property for sale.


You should instead hire the services of an overseas property specialist, someone who has extensive connections with agents and serious buyers across Asia (especially in China), Middle East, Europe, USA and South America.  They can help get the best possible deal for you in quick time.




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