Guide to Selling Property in Bulgaria 2019

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Is it a good idea to be selling overseas property in Bulgaria in 2019? How does one sell overseas property in Bulgaria for a great price? Let’s find out.


Bulgaria Overseas Property Market Trends 2019


Bulgaria is one of the most interesting countries in the world. For a long time, the nation was basically cut off from the rest of Europe, because of the Cold War between the Soviet Union the United States. Bulgaria, being a Communist State then, was firmly in the Soviet camp.


All of that changed with the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. Suddenly Bulgaria was on its own and the only way for the country to survive was to change its political and economic system completely. Bulgaria went from being a Communist Socialist State to a Free Market Democracy.


Since then, Bulgaria’s fortunes have been on the upswing. Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with stunning natural landscapes, popular beach resorts, ski resorts and more. Beach Resorts like Sunny Beach on the Black Sea Coast are today a major attraction for foreign tourists, as are ski resorts such as Bansko.


The overseas property market in Bulgaria has benefited from the country’s emergence as a major tourist destination. Every year, close to 10 million foreign tourists visit Bulgaria, and the number goes up year after year.


Many foreign tourists who visit this beautiful country for the first time decide to take their love for Bulgaria to the next level by buying a second home here. The Bulgarian overseas property market is also attractive because of the relatively low home prices here, and a potential for a double digit growth year after year. Savvy investors from China, Russia, Ireland and the UK look at that very closely.


Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Overseas Property in Bulgaria in 2019


 The #1 question anyone who wants to sell their overseas property in Bulgaria should address is, do they want the payment in full and in cash or not. How quickly do they want the sale process to be completed and how can they get the best possible price for their overseas property?


Well, the only way to get full cash payment for your second home in Bulgaria is to sell the house to high net worth individuals from China, Russia, etc. These are serious buyers who don’t like to waste time. If they are interested in your property, they will offer instant cash payment and take it off your hands.


The question is how to target such buyers. You can’t do it yourself, and you can’t get in touch with them through local estate agents. Your best bet is to hire the services of an overseas property specialist who has contacts with such serious buyers, directly, or indirectly through real estate agents in their countries.


They take care of the online marketing, and know the right channels to advertise your property. It is their responsibility to make sure that you get the best possible price for your overseas property in Bulgaria and in quick time at that.



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