Guide to Selling Property in Cape Verde

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Things are now looking up for the property market in Cape Verde with a surge of overseas investment in this beautiful country. Here we will give you hints and tips to attract cash rich buyers and sell property in Cape Verde fast and for the best price possible.
Prices crashed in 2008 but recently in 2014 and 2015 the property market in Cape Verde has rebounded mainly due to foreign investment from countries such as Russia and China. Cash rich buyers from these countries are looking for second and third holiday homes as Cape Verde is not only a beautiful destination to invest in but the country is also politically sound.
The country has always been a tourist hotspot for people from the UK but recently we have seen a influx of Russian and Chinese holiday makers and investors and statistics show 20% of these holiday makers will leave after having researched to buy property in the region.
Since 2015 property prices have increased by 9% and in 2016 patterns show this price hike is set in increase making the country a sound investment. It is one of the few African property market success stories as property will always hold its price due to the remote location of the islands.
Prices are still much lower in Cape Verde Compared to other tourist destinations of the world such as the Canaries or the Caribbean. But just like these destinations Cape Verde boasts warm climates and sunny skies all year round allowing property investors to get god rental returns.
How do you sell property in Cape Verde do you ask ?
Remember why you bought in the first place, for lifestyle to work or earn a living or to buy your own piece of paradise. Buyers want to buy in this region for the same reasons. Price the property realistically as the right price attracts the right buyers. If you over price you will place yourself out of the market so do your research and find out what similar properties are advertised for.
Furnished properties always demand more than unfurnished ones. Buyers always want a furnished property ready to move into. If your property is unfurnished expect low offers.
Only use online estate agents who can market the property overseas in many languages Especially Russian and Chinese. Foreign buyers make up 90% of the buyers so it is essential you have an agent who is an expert in Cape Verde re sale property. By marketing overseas you will open yourself up to thousands of buyers.
Get good photos taken of the property, do any repair work prior to sale and have a full written description of the property in English ready for your estate agent to translate into Russian and Chinese and market. The more information and photos you have the better your brochures look to the buyers.
We are here to help and give fast and free advice on how to sell property in Cape Verde safely to cash rich overseas property investors from Russia, China and around the world. Contact us today to see how we can find you buyers.