Guide to Selling Property in Greece

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Selling property in Greece can be a frightening task with the recent economy crash. Here we will give you hints and tips to get the most out of the sale and help you sell property in Greece fast to attract as many overseas cash rich buyers as possible. Greek property can be sold to any EU nationals and non EU nationals but there are restrictions. Security reasons restrict the sale of property near military bases or the national borders close to Turkey. Property in the Greek islands requires special permission from the local councils when selling to cash rich Russian or Chinese buyers.
To sell to cash rich foreign buyers they have to get a permission from the Greek Banks to import the funds into Greece and they will also need to apply for a property tax registry number from the revenue service.
To find buyers for your Greek property you need to market overseas and this is where we come in as we are experts in finding buyers from the UK, Russia, China and the rest of Europe. Before sending buyers to view your property we perform all due diligence to make sure your interests are protected.
We will follow the step by step process to make sure the sale of your Greek property is followed to the letter with all legal requirements to protect you and the new buyer. We will handle every aspect of the sale from start to finish so here are some useful tips to attract the buyers.
Price the property realistically. You the seller need to be aware that Greek property in 2016 is very much still in recovery mode so price your property similar to your competition selling in the same area. Always allow 10% on top for offers and estate agent fees.
Take care of any repair work prior to placing the property on the market. The cash rich overseas buyers from the UK, Russia and China want to move into a property ready to use and viewing a property that needs allot of cosmetic work will put them off. Paint the interior , get the gardens done, have it looking pristine ready for viewings. Most importantly take good photos and de clutter the property.
Each seller will have to produce their B'Tax certificate showing that you have a clean tax office record.
The Greek property market is on the increase but prices are nowhere near that since the debt crisis of 2015 so take all this into consideration when setting your price.
Athens is now the 5th most appealing City in Europe for overseas property investors and prices in the city have help well. Prices in the Greek islands are a little less than that of Athens so do your research and price your property accordingly to achieve a quick sale.
Below are some of the major factors which have helped the real estate economy recover in Greece.
·        The buyers property tax is now reduced to 3% from 10%
·        The public debt has been reduced due to the austerity measures
·        Rise in GDP (0.6 to 0.7%)
·        There has been a rise in Bond prices.
·        Russian and Chinese and overseas tourism in some of the islands
·        Greece has confirmed its staying in the Eurozone
·        Strength of sterling against Euro (UK investors are now back again buying property in Greece)
Because of all of the above there never has been a better time to sell a Greek property fast.
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