Guide to Selling Property in Turkey

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Here we will give you free hints and tips to attract cash rich buyers from Russia, China and the middle east to help you sell property in Turkey fast and for the best price possible. Buying real estate in countries like Turkey for overseas investors is a great way to invest money. Turkey has regulations and fees for selling real estate just like any country. And experienced Turkish re sale expert is a must not only to find you a buyer but to advise you of all the financial implications to sell your Turkish property.
Very few local agents in Turkey will market overseas and if you want to sell in today’s market you need exposure. Not only that but your online Turkish real estate agent needs to know the knowledge of your TAPU, habitation certificate, stamp duty and all taxes that affect the seller when you sell for a profit.
Buyers for Turkey property used to come from Europe but now all that is changed and its savvy cash rich buyers from Russia, China and the middle east now snapping up Turkish real estate across the country and if you do not market into these countries you will restrict yourself in finding buyers.
 One reason Turkey gets so much attention from foreign real estate investors is that the government of Turkey helps investors avoid paying double tax for Turkish property that is sold. In some other countries, the seller must pay tax in the country where the property is located as well as the seller's home country. This double tax can be a devastating blow to the profit from a real estate sale. Investors buying and selling property in Turkey are likely to avoid this excess taxation. 
Turkey is not only a great country to invest in for the overseas property buyers but it is also a great place for a second or third holiday home. It boasts beautiful views of the beaches and Aegean coast. Regions like Bodrum, Alanya, Antayla and Kusadasi are seeing record number of tourists which guarantees good rentals when buying a property. Foreign investors can also take advantage of free international transfers of dividends and capital making the prospect of living and saving in Turkey even more desirable for the cash rich buyer.
Fethiye and Side is attractive to the buyers looking a private and quiet life. While the hustle and bustle of Istanbul attracts the mega rich looking a modern apartment in a high rise complex.
Like every other country price is everything when coming to selling your property in Turkey. And if the property is not priced realistically you will miss buyers. Make sure you have good photos and a good description ready for your estate agent. And make sure your agent markets overseas in many languages as a sale can come from anywhere in the world.
Many foreign buyers from Russia and China now look at Turkey as a sound investment and it is estimated in 2016 there will be over 3 billion invested in property sales. Our expert team are to hand to offer free advice to help you sell property in Turkey fast and with as little stress as possible.
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