How to Get Cash for Your Overseas Property from Worldwide Investors

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How do I sell my overseas property for cash in 2020?


Well, it’s not going to be easy! After all, this is 2020, the year when everything the world has achieved over the last 70 years or so seems to be unravelling.


The Coronavirus pandemic has caused massive devastation everywhere in the world. Not a single country – yes, not even New Zealand, contrary to what the media tells us – has been spared.


It’s not just the loss of lives, the threat of losing your loved ones, constantly being worried about life and death issues that one has to deal with. So many have seen their businesses getting shut down, jobs gone, savings dwindling rapidly, debt accumulating and all plans for the future now no more than a fond memory.


Which is why it is hardly surprising that people want to get cash however possible, from wherever possible. Selling your overseas property for cash from worldwide investors is one option and a very good one at that.


For, believe it or not, there are many worldwide investors, wealthy cash rich investors who actually see this as an opportunity to enter the overseas property market in a big way. They have tremendous buying power and are not afraid to use it.


These are highly sophisticated, serious investors who really know their stuff. If they like what they see, they prefer to pay cash up front and complete the purchase as soon as possible, no questions asked.


The hard part, of course, is reaching out to such worldwide property investors. You can’t do it yourself – be sure about that. And hiring the services of a local estate agent wouldn’t help either – They are just time wasters, who really don’t have any connections or relationships with your most likely buyers, cash rich overseas investors.


Which is why…


You must get in touch with an overseas property specialist – someone who knows their stuff, who understands the overseas property market, and has a global network that spans Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Africa, Russia and the Middle East.


An overseas property expert would have the technical knowhow or ability to market your property in all the right channels or platforms frequented by cash rich overseas investors. They are very good at online marketing, and know how to catch the attention of serious buyers.


More on that later, but first, here’s what you should know.


 We have been involved in the overseas property business for more than a decade now. What we can tell you is as hard as 2020 maybe, we have seen worse. 2008 -2009 was a terrible, terrible year for real estate markets worldwide.


We remember how property prices in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and other popular overseas property hotspots fell by as much as 75 per cent within weeks!


But as the adage goes when the going gets tough, the tough get stronger. The experience taught us some valuable lessons and the fact that we were able to survive that period is testament to our skills, understanding of the overseas property market and the trust reposed in us by our clients.


Which is why we now have the experience, network and the deep knowledge that should help us tide over this crisis as well.


Now, who is your most likely buyer?


Your target buyer is anyone who is most likely to be interested in your property and would be willing to pay cash up front for it. That would narrow the list down to wealthy individuals from China, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and other countries in Asia and the Middle East.


These are serious buyers who want to buy a home abroad as a way to diversify and park their significant financial assets. They really don’t care about the intricate design or architectural splendor of your overseas home – they just see it as a commodity.


If your overseas property is clean, pleasant, livable, presentable and comfortable and happens to be at the right location, that’s good enough for them. It’s not like they buy just one property – usually such serious investors buy multiple properties at a time in different countries.


The tricky part is catching their attention. For that, as discussed, you must contact an estate agent specializing in overseas properties.



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