Italian Property Hotspots 2016

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Here we aim to provide you with what areas of Italy cash rich buyers will be investing in this Year.
Italy is different to every other country in Europe as Italy is Italy steeped in famous culture. If they were like another country Rome would not be in Italy nor would they have Florence. Italy wouldn’t have the world famous Venice as recently quoted by the Italian Prime Minister.
Italy is romantic, stylish and flowing with culture and history which makes it a great investment to buy property in.
From the Tuscan landscapes to the medieval hill-top towns and the palazzos in the cities draw all types of overseas property investors. To the many chic seaside resorts such as Portofino and many more.
For Italian property investors we see this year the amount of cheap renovation projects will be a top seller. This is because most renovation projects are set in areas of the Renaissance beauty and investors not only want to buy but live and experience the lifestyle in it too.
More popular areas such as Umbria and the Lakes, Tuscany have seen prices drop about 25% since 2015 so a dream second or third Italian holiday home has never been as affordable and this is drawing in major investment from cash rich buyers in Russia and China looking to capitalise on the weak Euro. UK buyers are not starting to come back into the market because of this fact.
Most of the hot spots are related to good transport links, stress free trips to Pisa, Florence, Milan, Turin And Sardina have great catchment areas for the overseas property investors due the close proximity of the airports. While areas that rely on one airline such as Ancona or Brindisi are certainly losing out due to lack of transport for the savvy investors.
Italy is also known for is fantastic rail service and good motorways across the country which makes travelling easy ,and stress free so catchment areas along the railway tracks and along the motorways are a big draw for buyers.
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