The Most Common Mistakes When Moving to Turkey

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There are a plethora of examples of people making major blunders while relocating to Turkey. Almost all expats look back on their time abroad and wish they had done things differently. While some retirees have terrifying tales, others tell about the minor things that slowed them down. When it comes to finding a permanent home overseas, we haven't come across a single expat who can say that the process went smoothly. Retiring to another nation is a brave decision, but remember that moving house is difficult. Moving to Turkey has numerous advantages, so let's look at some frequent blunders to avoid and pointers for a successful transition.

When moving to or buying or selling property in Turkey, these are the most common mistakes people make.


Paperwork and Red Tape

Our days are ruled by paperwork and bureaucracy whenever we travel overseas, from obtaining tax identification numbers and residency to creating bank accounts, transporting pets, and acquiring a car.. After settling into their new home in Turkey, many expats begin to deal with bureaucratic and legal issues. Even yet, expats can never begin too soon. Waiting till you arrive is a bad idea. Avoid unneeded tension by staying on top of rules and researching ahead of time. Once you've done that, join expat Facebook groups where you can seek advise from others who have previously moved there.


The Most Serious Error: Money

If you still own property in your native country, you should treat your money as if they were handled by an accountant. Invest your spare cash in the current rate of currency exchange ad hoc bills. Living in Turkey might be expensive, but it's not pleasant to save money while sweltering in the sun and eating good meals. Budget for socializing, shopping, and other everyday expenses by reading budgeting books and keeping track of your income, debts, savings, and monthly and yearly payments. Consider the annual expenditures of residency and healthcare in Turkey when calculating the cost of moving there.


It's time to get out of the holiday spirit

As a tourist, you're likely to fall in love with Turkey for its beautiful weather, laid-back lifestyle and party scene. Unfortunately, this unsustainable way of living has an influence on our physical and emotional well-being when we move abroad to reside. Countless tales have been told of British expats who, after retiring overseas, spend their days drinking alone in pubs. It's not a happy ending. Strike a healthy balance between what's necessary and what you're looking forward to doing. If you've always wanted to learn something new but never had the time, now is the perfect moment to do it.

When relocating to Turkey, one of the most common mistakes people make is to get: Disinterest

Disinterest is a common blunder made by expats who relocate to Turkey. Open yourself up to new experiences by getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. You may merely be coming to Turkey to retire, but if you are curious about Turkish culture, history, food and architecture, your move will be less stressful.



Ex-pats Just like the rest of us, we're drawn toward familiarity. So, when you reside in Turkey, one of the most major sources of intimacy is ex-pats groups. We're not going to let you down. However, don't forget to make Turkish friends while you're having fun and learning new things. After all, the best source of information about Turks is from those who live there. Step out of your comfort zone and strike up a discussion with your neighbors or the folks you see at the store.


Turkish People's Cultural Stereotypes

People frequently get preconceived notions about other nations when they travel, but Turkey's regions differ greatly in terms of culture, cuisine, holidays, and history, so keep this in mind when deciding where to settle down. When renting or purchasing a home in Turkey, take the time to learn about the country's cultural differences. The cultural variety of Turkey may be seen from Istanbul to Antalya to the Black Sea when you travel to various locations. Traditional Turkish cuisine are a great way to learn about the different regions of Turkey.


The lifestyle of the turkish people

One obstacle to overcome is one's own laziness and lack of dedication to routine duties. Turkey is known for lateness and forgetfulness, especially when it comes to craftsmen who were hired to undertake work on your home. Even if you scream, nothing will change. Get accustomed to it; it's the best response.


Isolation as a result of unfamiliarity with another culture

Relocating families should be aware of the possibility of experiencing culture shock. When the unfamiliarity of a new situation becomes too overwhelming, it can lead to a sense of dread and gloom. Many animal-friendly individuals, for example, do not comprehend the leisure activity of camel fighting; yet, simple things such as taking public transportation, missing favorite foods, altering routines or scorching summer temperatures also emerge. Allow yourself some time and be patient with yourself, as well. Humans are capable of adapting and becoming aware of the world around them.


Web-based Tools

Older expats are often reluctant to embrace new technology. However, the internet and mobile apps make life easier. Foreigners migrating to another country should have a variety of useful apps on their mobile devices to help them stay in touch with friends and family back home. As a result of learning about online technology, living in Turkey becomes easier and more rewarding.


Things to know before you go to turkey

When expats move to Turkey, they often find it difficult to learn the language. Experts believe that children's sponge-like brains make them ideal sponges for learning languages. In spite of this, don't give up. Even if you're in an area where English is widely used, make an effort to learn one new word every day. Duolingo, for example, is a great software for learning Turkish.


Turkey's Best Places to Live:

81 recognized cities make up Turkey, the world's 37th biggest country, which continues to develop as more Turks seek employment and a place to call home. However, certain cities in Turkey remain disconnected from the rest of the country, while others are among the most popular and well-known. In this post, we'll look at the best cities for both vacationing and relocating.


Turkey's Cost of Living:

Mismanaging one's funds is a common blunder when assessing Turkey's cost of living. Expenses and prices shift from east to west, depending on location. For example, while Istanbul's major metropolis has relatively low rent, lesser coastal communities around the country's coast might be prohibitively costly. Food and drink costs for expats will vary based on their social life and travel habits. Here you'll find advice on creating a monthly budget, as well as an example of one.

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