Russians, and Germans buying in Turkey

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Russians, and Germans have been the most active overseas buyers of property in Turkey over the past year, they have been snapping up property right across the country and both inland and on the coast.


Russian and German international investment in the Turkish property market over the past year shows , Russians were the biggest buyers of property over the period, purchasing 2,723 properties across Turkey and included plots of land.


While German investors bought 1,950 coastal properties.


Buyers also came forward from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


The figures suggest that buyers have not been deterred from investing in Turkey despite recent domestic turbulence on the Syrian border.


The Sales are showing property prices in Turkey have risen by just under 10.5% over the past year. The increase means it is one of the top ten fastest growing overseas markets over the past year. And does not show any sign of slowing down.


Turkey recently announced changes to its property laws for overseas investors, extending the legal period of residency offered to foreign property owners upon buying a property entry to Turkey from three months to one year per property sale as well as increasing taxes on foreign properties. There never has been a better time to Sell or buy property in Turkey.


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