Sell Property in Northern Ireland Fast to Overseas Investors in 2017

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The Northern Ireland real estate market had a slump of 40 to 50 percent following the global housing crisis of 2007. Since then, the market has staged a slow recovery and has grown steadily since 2012.


Home prices in Northern Ireland have risen by 3 to 5 percent each year over the last 4 to 5 years. Belfast has experienced the fastest growth in home prices and the situation is certainly a lot better than it was 6 or 7 years ago. The market is getting back to the consistency it displayed during the early 2000s, and this is a good thing.


So, how to sell property in Northern Ireland fast in 2017? If you’re looking to sell your home in Northern Ireland soon, you would be happy to know that the June 23 Brexit referendum, which saw a majority of Britons vote to leave the European Union has not really affected the housing market here in Northern Ireland.


Most people in Northern Ireland – about 56% of the electorate - wanted nothing to do with Brexit, and voted to remain in the European Union. So, there was certainly an awareness of the problems that Brexit would bring. But fortunately, so far the property market in Northern Ireland has held through the crisis.


 An average home here costs in the range of 102,000 pounds to 148,000 pounds. This is still below the high of the pre-crisis levels of 2007-2008, but certainly, there hasn’t been the sort of dip as seen in the real estate market in the rest of the UK following Brexit.


Belfast has the priciest homes in Northern Ireland. Here, an average single-family home costs just over 300,000 pounds. There are also a plenty of family estates in Belfast, passed along from generation to generation that cost over 1 million pounds, especially in Malone Park in the South Belfast, Holywood and Cultra areas.


Cities like Belfast offer a very high quality of life, and have a first rate infrastructure and amenities. The schools here are pretty decent, and the healthcare facilities are among the best you would get in the UK. Plus, Belfast is a very affordable city; it’s certainly not like London in this respect.


The best way to sell your home in Northern Ireland, however, is to look beyond the local or domestic buyers and to focus on international buyers. There’s been a rush of foreigners migrating to Northern Ireland recently, especially from Eastern Europe.


So it makes sense to target wealthy Russian, Ukrainian and other Eastern European buyers. Also, there has been a lot of interest coming from cash rich Chinese and Arab buyers, who are eager to invest in the UK, but have been put off by the incredibly high property prices in London.


Even wealthy buyers from Western and Northern Europe, such as Germany, Sweden and Norway, have shown a lot of interest in this part of the world. 


The best way to reach out to these buyers is to hire overseas property specialists who have the experience of selling properties in the UK to foreign buyers. You can benefit from their vast agent network across Europe, Asia and the Middle East and their excellent online marketing skills. Contact us today for help in selling your property in Northern Ireland fast in 2017.


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