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Sell Property in Turkey Fast to Russian Investors

Posted by admin 15/11/2016 0 Comment(s) Turkey,

There’s been a lot happening in Turkey recently. The country has had to deal with a series of terror attacks, and then there was a failed military coup. But if you’re trying to sell overseas property in Turkey quickly, you would be gratified to know that Turkey is still one of the hottest overseas property markets in the world.


Also, you would be interested in what Russian investors are doing in Turkey. Yes, there are still a lot of Russians who want to buy properties in Turkey. This is in spite of the recent political tensions between Russia and Turkey following an incident where the Turkish forces brought down a Russian fighter plane, killing the pilot immediately.


Still, the Russian interest in Turkey remains high. Russians are attracted by the climate and quality of life in Turkey. They also like that properties here are very affordable. Most Russians who are buying properties here are not really interested in the high end of the property market. They want to buy properties in great neighbourhoods in Turkey that are affordable.


 Most Russians see Turkey as a holiday destination, and that is the main reason why they are investing in properties here. Russians are interested in investing in holiday homes in Turkey’s summer resorts such as Kalkan, Fethiye, Dalyan, Bodrum and Marmaris and are not too keen on buying apartments in Istanbul.


Generally, most foreign investors look to buy beachfront apartments in the summer resorts in Turkey while domestic investors prefer to buy apartments in Istanbul and other big cities. This is something you should know if you want to sell overseas property in Turkey.


 Property prices are really attractive in Turkey right now, which is great for Russian buyers. A vast majority of respondents in a survey of likely Russian buyers who wanted to buy properties in Turkey – 96.2 percent – said that they were interested in properties in the low price category of under 150,000 Euros.


Most apartments in Istanbul fall within this range, while those in districts such as Beylikduzu can be purchased for less than €60,000. Russian buyers are attracted by small apartments that have no more than one or two bedrooms, and are located in residential complexes that are close to the sea.


Indeed, Turkey is one of the most popular overseas property destinations for Russian buyers, in a list that includes Bulgaria, Spain, Cyprus, Italy and France. This is in spite of the conflict between Russian and Turkish governments which we talked about.


There is no question, however, that the tension between Russia and Turkey has affected the property market here. Some Russian investors who were looking to buy property here have delayed the purchase, and have been patiently waiting for the situation to develop further.


Fortunately, most Russian investors did not give up the plan to buy a property in Turkey for good. Most were waiting for the two national governments to negotiate and resolve the issues between them. Now that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdogan have had a pleasant chat and come to a mutual understanding, the situation is now back to normal again.

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