Sell Property in Wales Fast to Overseas Investors in 2017

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Wales is not the same as the rest of Britain as far the property market is concerned. Home prices in Wales stay consistent over a long period of time. They don’t go up and down like London real estate. Property sales tend to be steady, without any of the uncertainty in the rest of the UK.


If you’re thinking how to sell property in Wales fast in 2017, you will have known that while Wales does not quite give you the highs as experienced in London, it doesn’t give you any lows either. You can very clearly tell how much your valuable real estate is going to fetch when you put it up for sale in 2017.


The last 12 months haven’t been great for the British economy, especially after the Brexit vote of June 23. Wales overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union, so they were on the winning side. However, it’s fair to say that at least some people in Wales are now reconsidering their decision.


Property prices had actually increased by 6 percent in the first half of 2016, and the number of real estate transactions had increased by 3 percent. However, following the June 23 vote, all the momentum has been lost. While home prices haven’t fallen into a precipitous decline, there is no question that things aren’t really all that perfect in Welsh real estate.


There’s been a huge drop in the interest shown by local buyers. Generally, it is the local buyers who keep the Welsh economy and the property market going. Post-Brexit, there has been a noticeable lack of confidence on their part.


Fortunately, there’s an increase in interest from wealthy foreign buyers. Chinese, Russian and Arab buyers have always been interested in properties in the UK. But many are now prepared to look outside of London, even at cities such as Swansea and Cardiff in Wales.


Wales is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. It boasts of a relaxed lifestyle, which you will certainly not get in London. The infrastructure and public transport in Wales is world class, as are the healthcare facilities. The schools are pretty decent as well.


 Wealthy foreigners, including cash rich Germans, Scandinavians and other Europeans look for a rural ambience when buying a second home or a retirement home. They get that in Wales.


Wales has large country homes that cost a fraction of what an apartment in London would sell for. Some of the large estates in rural Wales are very much in demand, and yet affordably priced. These estates have been passed on from generations to generations, and now, are being sold to wealthy foreign investors.


If you have a property to sell in Wales, you should make it a point to market it exclusively in the overseas property market. This means hiring overseas property specialists who have a significant expertise at selling properties to cash rich foreign investors.


You can benefit from their extensive agent network with spans Europe and Asia. You can also take advantage of their online marketing skills and ability to market your property on Russian, Chinese, German and Arab property portals, social media and online forums.


It’s no longer so difficult to sell your family home in Wales fast. You just need to know where to look for the right buyers. This means you will need to hire the right estate agents specializing in selling to international property investors. 


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