Sell UK & Overseas Property To Cash Rich Russian Buyers

29/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

The overseas property market is now in recovery mode and the Russian buyers and investors are taking full advantage of the growth of the property market investing in excess of €18 billion a year.


To sell to the Russian buyers you need to have long standing working relationships with Russian real estate agents. This alone is the key to accessing cash rich Russian buyers who have money to invest in properties across the world. London, New York, Europe, Thailand, The Caribbean and the usual tourist hot spots in Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria etc are being heavily invested now by cash rich Russians. 


The reason for this is that Russia's economy is now in full throttle and with the cold weather in Russia cash rich buyers want to seek out and invest in warmer climates to buy second or third holiday homes or even plots of land for development. UK and Irish based Estate agents selling to Russian buyers have capitalised on taking advantage of this market such as Euro Resales creating networks with hundreds of Russian Estate Agents who have access to thousands of cash rich Russian buyers ready to invest in overseas property.


Russia is one of the strongest markets in the world for buying overseas property but its hard work to get into it we have spent many years building up data bases of hundreds of partner Russian estate agents who provide face to face contact with cash rich buyers and present our clients properties to the buyers not only in their high street offices but also at the various Russian property exhibitions.


Our hundreds of partner Estate agents in Russia work with us as they know our sellers are serious they want to market overseas and that all paperwork is in order for the sale. They also know that when they present our overseas properties to buyers that all the legal searches to ensure there is no debt held against the property have been done to ensure the property can be sold. They know that when dealing with us the buyers won't raise the price at the last minute or maybe take the property off the market as the Euro Resales property specialists are the market leaders in selling overseas property in the UK to Russian, Chinese and overseas investors.


If you need to sell overseas property and want to reach the cash rich Russian buyer market.  Contact the experts today.

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