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Want to sell your property in Bansko, Bulgaria then you have come to the right place with our marketing strategies and partner Russian agents we have helped clients find buyers for many apartments and chalets in Bansko. Here we will give you an up to date guide on the market in Bansko Bulgaria. The price of property in Bansko is now on the way up from an all time low which was at its lowest point in 2014. Now in 2016 property prices in Bansko are on the way up and rising fast.
This is because Bansko is a world famous international ski resort and quite recently hosted the World Cup Skiing contest. Bansko also boasts shopping complexes and golf courses not to mention 5 start hotels and the resort is open all year round not just in the winter and attracts over 2.5 million tourists and overseas property investors each year from right across Europe.
Property prices in Bankso are over 50% cheaper than the other Ski resorts in Europe and this means there is huge investment from cash rich buyers now that the price of property in Bansko is on the up. Prices in 2016 are already 3% higher than they were in 2015 with a average price of around 600 EUR per sq. meter.
Below are some tips as to why property in Bansko is rising in price and will continue to do so.
1.- The bargain properties in Bansko have now all gone bought up by cash rich Russian and Greek buyers and what this does is quite simply push the price of property in Bansko up as the sale of all the cheap properties have stabilized the market to an acceptable level for clients looking to sell property in Bansko.
2.- Sales are up 50% in 2016 as to what they were in 2015  and the demand is now greater than the supply of property in the region. This is because the Bulgarian government has placed a ban on new buildings and complexes in the ski resort of Bansko. Which has also helped push the price of property up in the resort.
3.- there is huge investment from overseas property investors now coming to the resort to buy an apartment in Bankso. These are Russian, UK, cash rich Greeks and some French and Swiss buyers. The UK buyers have returned because of the very strong British pound and this goes far to picking up a good priced property in Euro for the UK investor. Russia is still the strongest investors in the market with over 80% of sales in Bansko last year going to Russian investors. All this combined has help raise the price of property in Bansko.
3.- Because there are some excellent priced properties in 5 star complexes the cash rich Bulgarians and middle class are back and buying in the region as well. With much disposable income they are investing in the region as they know the price of property is now going up again.
5.- Apartments in Bansko are priced realistically and affordable. Compared to the French alps or the slopes of Italy or Switzerland. You can buy a luxury 5 bedroom chalet in Bansko for the price of a studio apartment in any of the other ski resorts in Europe. For this single reason alone the savvy cash rich buyers see Bansko as a good investment as prices are getting better and all this helps push the price up even more.
Where are the best prices to get a good deal on selling your property in Bansko you may ask? We have the answer.
The apartments and properties closer to the ski lift tend to demand a higher price than properties further away and many cash rich Russian buyers and foreign investors will pay more for a property in the golf courses or spa resorts.
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