Guide to Selling Property in Ireland

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The Irish market has been in a slump since the global crash of 2007. Since then in 2015 and 2016 the Irish economy and property market has started to recover rapidly. In 2015 house prices went up by 17% which is amazing given the slow increase of prices in the rest of Europe. Dublin has seen the highest rises at 18% and the number of properties sold across Ireland in the last 12 months has risen to just over 50,000 in total. 
Good news for sellers is that the price hike is set to continue well into 2016 and we have seen an increase of UK buyers due to the weak Euro. This being said you need to find a good online UK Estate Agent selling Irish properties who can attract buyers from not only across the UK but also overseas.Russians and Chinese are now starting to buy property in Ireland to get the Golden Visa ( residency permit ) as many of them see Ireland as a good investment to set up new business enterprises. This is because Ireland is now on the best performing economies in Europe and its growth is faster than any other country in Europe.
Plenty of cash rich overseas investors now want to buy a property in Ireland to take advantage of a god standard of living here. This is a great opportunity for anyone selling property in Ireland as you no longer need to wait on your high street estate agent. Market on line and open yourself up to thousands of buyers to get the best price possible.
Tips on hiring the right Estate Agent.
Finding the right agent means more often than not finding a buyer. No Irish property gets sold without the involvement of an Irish estate agent. So we advise to do your research and hire the best to suite your needs. Make sure they market to the UK and overseas to attract buyers from Russia, China and the rest of the European Union. Online research will help check websites and testimonials. Ask friends for advice on who they sold with and pay close attention on how the agents website is up to date with current affairs in the property market. An Agent who does not update their websites is most likely not proactive in selling property.
Employ agents who have been in business at least a year as there are more experienced real estate agents who will have sold a lot of property to cash rich overseas buyers from the UK, Russia, China and will have many international contacts.
Normally most agents charge 5% on sale this can be paid by the seller or the buyer depending on how your estate agent sets your price. When you have chosen the right agent for you stay in touch with them for updates. Give him good photos of your property and a full written description that he can professionally translate into many languages to attract multi lingual buyers.
Preparing Your Irish Property for Sale.
Do any repair work before placing it on the market and de clutter the property of personal items. A buyer needs to see themselves in your property so you need to offer them a blank canvass of neutral tones and colours. Tidy the garden and pay attention to the living areas as these will be your key selling point so give them a coat of paint.
Interacting with Potential Buyers
Any good estate agent will ask you to be at the property during viewings in case any questions crop up that need answered.
Be polite at all times and make your property available for viewings at all times as the cash rich overseas buyers have busy schedules and most will ask to view your property out of hours. Always have a good reason for selling never look or sound desperate as savvy buyers will pick up on this and make low offers.
Hiring a Solicitor.
When you have agreed a price with the buyer through your estate agent. You need a good solicitor who will help with every aspect of the legal side of the sale. They will prepare all legal documents, take part in the property negotiations and ensure that the property transaction goes smoothly, and all funds transferred to a bank account of your choice.
We have helped many clients sell Irish properties over the years. Contact us today to sell a property in Ireland.
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