Guide to Selling Property in France

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After the European real estate crash France remained unaffected and over the last year from 2015 to 2016 the French real estate economy is well back on track. If you want to sell a property in France fast there never has been a better time to get it on the market with a wealth of overseas investment from Russia, China and cash rich buyers from the UK returning back to the market.
Selling property in France requires good multi lingual marketing. The key is finding the right online agent to do the right job as 99% of sales in France now start with online searches. Below are a few tips to helping you attract buyers for your French property as quickly as possible.
Hire a expert online marketing real estate agent.
Do your research and find a online expert in French re sale property with the highest overseas connections. If they have partners in cash rich overseas countries such as the UK, Russia and China they will be experts in multi lingual marketing to attract cash rich buyers. The more exposure the better when it comes to selling property in France. One buyer is all you need and the more exposure you have the faster you will find that buyer.
In France if local agents are working with developers they tend to push any and all enquiries to the new developments so avoid putting your property for sale with small time local agents as their catchment area is small. These type of agents will not work for you even though they assure you they will. You will know by how enthusiastic they are about your property if they are not forthcoming with replies find someone else.
Pricing your French property for re sale.
Pricing is not easy so you need to do research. The best way to normally get a guide price is speak to an expert in French re sales and ask them for a guide price based on similar properties they have sold in the last year. If you price your property to high you price yourself out of the market and if you price too low you will make a huge loss. Listen to your local market find out what your neighbours are advertising for and do not be afraid to hear the truth about prices if you are serious about selling. When you get a good guide price market 10% higher than this price to allow for offers.
Never ever sign an exclusive agent agreement.
Local agents in France have a habit of asking for exclusive agreements meaning if you sell with anyone else you have to pay that agent commission. Usually this is also a sign this agent cannot find buyers so they are safeguarding themselves when you do find a buyer. Avoid at all costs.
Sole Mandates and what they mean.  
Most local estate agents in France will ask for a sole Mandate to be signed. This simply means if they get a price from the buyer to which you agree you are required under French law to then sell the property. This is the norm. The best way around this is never to say yes to a sole mandate as you are advertising with multiple agents. The commission on sale paid by the buyer should never be any more than 5%.
Preparing French re sale property for inspection trips.
To a buyer first impressions count when they fly over to view your property so making sure its neat and tidy is one of the most important things you can do to help the sale. AS this shows the property has been well maintained and looked after. Do all repair work prior to the inspection trip. Make sure all bedding and curtains etc are clean fresh and neat. If you own a French Farmhouse or villa hire a gardener to make the grounds look appealing. If you are selling a French leaseback your management company will do this for you. Every time and care should be taken to make your property as presentable as possible for re sale.
Property Surveys for re sale.
It is compulsory to get a survey done for the buyer in France. When you place the property on the market and have found a buyer you will have to arrange a property survey. This will inspect the property for termites, lead, asbestos, etc and the energy efficiency will also be carried out, as well as an entire risk assessment. Your Estate agent should be able to carry out all of this for you as it is their obligation under French real estate law to carry out this on your behalf. This will be done at your expense.
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