Guide to Selling Property in Italy in 2018

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Are you looking to sell your property in Italy soon? You should know that the process for selling a house in Italy is very similar to what you have in the UK or the US. So you won’t find it too difficult. Also, since Italy is one of the most desirable places to live in the world, there is no dearth of wealthy foreign investors who want to buy property there.


Who is buying in Italy? Britons, Germans, Irish, Scandinavians, Russians and Chinese, they are all buying.  Italy’s real estate market is doing well despite the general state of dissatisfaction in the country over the economy.


Italy has a very high percentage of homeowners, so homeownership is something Italians take great pride in. It is rare for Italians to sell their homes unless they really have to. A lot of the people who sell homes in Italy are expats from Britain, France or Switzerland. They may sell their homes in Italy for a number of reasons.


 If you’re going to sell as well, you may find this guide to selling property in Italy useful. Read on!


 You will do well to hire a professional estate agent for help with selling your property in Italy. The issue with hiring local estate agents is that they ask for a high commission and have little or no connection with buyers from outside Italy.


You should instead deal directly with UK estate agents specialising in the overseas property market who can guide you through the process. They handle the entire paperwork related to the property transaction. More importantly, they will have a massive agent network across Europe and Asia and will have access to high net worth buyers from China, Russia, Germany, Ireland and Scandinavia and more.


Your UK estate agent will handle the entire marketing and promotional activities related to the sale. They promote your property in online forums, social media, online property portals and even in international property shows.


Next, the most important part of the process is to set a right price for the property. Set too high a price and you would be out pricing yourself out of a sale. But if you were to set too low a price, what’s the point in selling anyway?


You should get your paperwork in order. It would be embarrassing to walk into a property negotiation and to be told by the buyer’s lawyer that your paperwork is not adequate.


You will need the following documents:

  • The title deed to the property, which should include the Purchase Deed and a registered Italian Inheritance Tax Return
  • The Technical Report of Sale called as the Relazion Tecnica di Compravendita
  • An Energy Performance Certificate called as the Attestato di Certificazione Energetica. This document verifies the house as being energy efficient and is signed by a qualified technician.
  • Certificate of Habitability  or the Certificato di agibilita which is signed by the local commune which states that the house complies with Italian laws and with all the essential health and safety regulations.

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