Guide to Selling Property in Montenegro in 2018

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Is it possible to sell overseas property fast in Montenegro? Yes, certainly, there has never been a better opportunity for selling your overseas property in Montenegro for a great price as there is a real interest in the country from foreign investors.

Foreign investors from Germany, China, Russia, Ireland and Scandinavia have invested directly in properties in Montenegro or have been doing so through partnerships with local builders. The Telegraph listed Montenegro as one of the 20 top overseas property destinations in the world.


The reason for this is the tremendous growth of Montenegro as a tourist destination. Hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists visit the country every year. As always, any growth in the tourism sector always leads to a growth in the overseas property market. This has certainly been the case in Montenegro where property prices have been rising in double digits every year.


Speaking to The Telegraph, Colin Kingsmill of Lustica Bay, a leading property developer in the region says, ““I think buyers here are more adventurous than in some other places. We’re also seeing lots of families. Parents in their sixties are buying villas that can then be enjoyed by their children and grandchildren. I get a sense that people are buying to create a legacy for the future. By getting in now, they’re getting a head of any price inflation, and also they get the best locations.”


“That’s one of its advantages,” Mr. Kingsmill adds. “You can be on the beach in the morning, and skiing in the afternoon. Montenegro feels like the French Riviera 50 years ago. It’s like a secret garden that has just opened its doors.”


One of the issues with Montenegro is that it is not easy to get to, especially if you are from Britain, Ireland or Germany. You won’t find too many flights to Tivat, Montenegro, for example, from London or Manchester. But this situation has been changing fast.


There are today a number of low-cost flights that run from the UK to Montenegro, such as flights from Manchester to Tivat, Montenegro announced by easyJet. This is certainly good news for you if you are trying to sell overseas property fast in that country.


The best places to buy property in Montenegro are along the seaside or the coastal region. That’s where you are likely to find the best houses in the country, which have been constructed with great style and panache.


But the real estate sector in the rest of the country is yet to pick up and does not get much interest from foreign buyers. So the housing market in the country has witnessed a lopsided growth, with the coastal areas doing far better than the rest of Montenegro.


Regardless, this is a good time to be selling your overseas property in Montenegro. Just remember to hire an experienced UK estate agent who knows what it takes to buy or sell overseas property fast for this task. Contact us for help with selling your overseas property in Montenegro

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