Selling property abroad and bringing money back to the UK

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In the absence of the credit stimulus, the housing market has come to a halt. You may need to repatriate funds for various reasons, including property upkeep, pension payments, or assistance with school tuition. It's possible that after experiencing another country's culture, you're yearning home and are sending money back before returning. You may need to repatriate funds from the sale of a home or make regular transfers between your overseas and UK bank accounts.


Property sale repatriation


If you have returned to the UK or plan to do so in the future, your foreign property will be an essential consideration. This is because there may come a time when they want to return home to familiar surroundings. However, there are several other reasons why you could be selling a foreign property, such as selling a vacation house or having inherited a foreign property that you desire to sell.


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Work with a local estate agent that knows the requirements of selling to both the local and foreign markets, and they will help you establish your expectations for pricing and market health. If you set the pricing in a local currency, which is probable unless you're selling to other ex-pats of the same country, be mindful of the added cost of currency translation and plan for any exchange rate swings.


Remember that if you send money back to the UK, you may be subject to Capital Gains Tax if you sell an overseas property as a UK resident. You may also be subject to taxation in the nation where the property is sold. When commencing the procedure, it's a good idea to consult with a legal professional about your tax responsibilities and obligations. Visit our website to learn more.



Property rental repatriation


If you opt to maintain your foreign property and rent it out as a source of income, you may be able to safeguard your revenues from transaction costs and fluctuating currency rates. Receiving rent in a foreign currency with a moneycorp account allows you to transfer the payments to your UK bank account, where you can take advantage of favourable exchange rates and minimal transaction costs.


When you're away, you may send money back


Even if you want to be abroad for an extended period, you may need to transfer money back to the UK. Tuition, health care, and even help for elderly relatives are examples.


Making use of a specialised foreign exchange service


Repatriation may be a minefield of unanticipated costs and lengthy processes, primarily if you use traditional transfer methods such as a local UK high-street bank. There are, however, choices — specialised businesses that might assist speed the process of sending money back home.


International transfer professionals have comprehensive expertise and tailor-made services that directly assist ex-pats. They provide cheap exchange rates, professional advice, and quick transactions. Frequent foreign payments may also be considerably easier since, instead of making a costly international phone call, you may arrange transfers straight from your online account anytime you want. Repatriating cash may frequently cost up to £40 each transfer at a local high-street bank, which can mount up to roughly £500 over a year of making monthly payments.


If you want to transfer significant payments, you may be hit by a fluctuating currency rate. Transfer funds online or by phone, and utilise specialised tools to set up a currency exchange rate alert and even lock in a current conversion rate to make the most of your money at home and abroad. Locking in a current currency rate may necessitate a deposit, but it secures it for up to two years, independent of market ups and downs.


Specialist advice on sending money overseas from expert foreign currency dealers might help you get a reasonable exchange rate and select a transfer provider that is a suitable fit for your needs.

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