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Property in Pamporovo has now went up in price from what the price was back in 2013 but they are still nowhere near the over inflated prices the UK and Irish investors bought for. So if you are one of the investors who bought before 2008 you are going to make a loss on the re sale of your property. Here are some reasons why now is a good time to sell property in Pamporovo.
The region is a world famous and world class ski resort set at the foot of the stunning Rhodope Mountains. Investing living and holidaying in Pamporovo is a fantastic experience, as not only as you surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the mountain ranges with peaks, gorges and pine forests but investing in Pamporovo means you are buying into the friendly villages and long winding meadows with all types of beauty when the flowers are in bloom.
Pamporovo is a very popular hotspot for Russian tourists and the resort attracts over 300,000 foreign visitors each year. The resort is only 80km from Plovdiv and only 250km from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Pamporovo has been a very popular ski resort from the late 1930,s with a climate which is cool and sharp, perfect for those looking all that a ski holiday has to offer. Not only this but the region boasts almost 300 days of sunlight per year earning the resort the reputation for being a sunny ski resort all year round.
The main attract here is ski and mountain sports as there are 20km of ski slopes and 4 km of long distance ski tracks.
Pamporovo also has the best ski school in Europe and property in Pamporovo is very popular with many cash rich foreign investors mainly due to guaranteed rental returns that owners get when not using the properties themselves. Because of all of this the market in Pamporovo has now stabilized and prices are on the increase and we are seeing a wealth of Russian investment over the last year between 2015 / 2016. Because of all this the price of property in Pamporovo has been rising at a steady pace of 5% per year since 2012.
The Bulgarian ski resorts such as Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo are now very popular to the cash rich Russian and overseas investors. This is mainly due to the low prices of apartments and Chalets compared to other ski resorts in Europe.
The average price of a property in Pamporovo is around 700 euro per square meter and you will find this is because the complexes here are all 5 star and finished much better in build than that of Bansko or Borovets. There are over a thousand properties for sale in Pamporovo and around 90 to 100 of these get sold every month through our marketing strategies and partner Russian agents presenting the properties to buyers at the Russian property shows.
There is also high demand from cash rich Greek buyers and that is because many high net worth Greeks are now looking to move money out of Greece and into property in other countries to keep it safe from the Greek economy and Pamporovo Bulgaria is the perfect location because of the rise of the market prices.
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