Guide to selling Spanish property in or from the UK

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Selling your Spanish property from the UK entails displaying your overseas properties on the internet and using an experienced Real Estate Agent.


The steps below will assist you in selling your Spanish property as quickly as possible from the United Kingdom.


Get the property on the market as soon as possible

This might be not easy in a contactless world, especially if the owner is in the UK and the property is in Spain. But if you have all your details and photos ready clients may input their property data and have it listed for sale without having to make a physical visit –' making the process contactless and Covid-compliant!'


Good Value for your Property

Make sure that the property is priced as attractively as feasible and that it is advertised to the broadest possible network of potential buyers:

Non-commission agencies may be of interest to buyers (typical commission in Spain is 5 percent plus IVA, the Spanish version of VAT). The lack of commission may allow sellers to price more fairly, gain an advantage over the competition, and potentially earn more from the transaction.


Maximize your property's exposure

Maximize the property's reach/exposure by using an agent, especially British agents, to buy and sell overseas properties. Use British estate agents who promote the property on all major property portals such as Euro Resales,, Kyero, Idealista,, Arkadia, Properstar, Anjuke,,, Rightmove, Zoopla and many more. Buyers around the world use these portals to locate villas apartments and plots of land to purchase. Therefore having your property featured on these portals increases your chances of finding a buyer.


Use high-quality photographs, detailed explanations, and virtual tours

Sellers must ensure that the collateral used to promote their property is of the most outstanding quality for their property to stand out. Have photos taken, most phones will allow high-quality website compliant photos. Get a drone video and walkthrough video done as this can act as a virtual tour. At the moment a huge selection of properties in Spain with drone and walkthrough are now being sold without physical viewings.


Be Realistic

"Don't be greedy," set a reasonable price and evaluate all bids from purchasers in a solid position!"


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