The Best International Real Estate Listing Websites to Buy Or Sell Overseas Property

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A glance at the finest international real estate websites will convince anybody that purchasing and owning a home is no longer a matter of staying close to home. Investing in the abroad industry is a good option for many investors who want to diversify their portfolios or take advantage of Golden Visa programs given by nations to encourage foreign investment.


Some great websites bring in listings from worldwide, whether you are a buyer, a private seller, or a real estate professional. They also make purchasing overseas much easier by providing customers shopping for property abroad for the first time with guidelines, recommendations, and valuable information. Add to that the ordinary customer from the high street fantasizes about having a vacation house in the sun, and it's easy to understand why many estate brokers have opened their doors to the worldwide market. Let's take a look at those websites and why they stand out as valuable tools.


We market on all these sites and hundreds more to find international investors.



6 International Real Estate Websites



1:           Juwai


Juwai is a popular international real estate website. It offers several advanced features which make the overseas trading property a quick and easy process. Getting the best for property buyers and sellers is more than just marketing consideration. It's about access, knowledge and opportunity. This is why the websites we've selected as our best international real estate websites go beyond just property listings and offer a complete service. 65% of people start browsing property listings online before they make a decision. The choice of which site you decide to use should depend on niche and properties and size and location criteria. So you're looking to buy or sell property in London, Berlin or New York? Try out this website for keeping up to date on the latest properties.






Arkadia is an international real estate website that aims to streamline the process of finding your dream home. is an international real estate website that caters for the global property market by providing access to properties in over 150 countries. Browse through their website to find your perfect property, or if you are a property owner looking for buyers, list your property with them now! is a destination for those looking to buy, sell, and rent homes internationally. With over 120 million listings and more than 10,000 real estate professionals worldwide, they make it quicker and easy for you to find your perfect home. The site has been designed for international clients. It is intended to be a one-stop shop for all, from the investor seeking portfolio diversification to the family looking for their home overseas. If you're looking for a home in a new country, the team at has got you covered. Their website is the largest international real estate website, and they've got listings from all over the world.





With over 10 million visitors per month, Daft.Ie is Ireland's number one property search engine and the only website of its kind to offer listings in Northern Ireland and London. Featuring a vast array of properties for sale and rent across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and London.  Daft. ie is a property search engine that provides a list of properties for rent, sale, and to let in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and London. uses AI-powered software to provide this service to its customers. is a real estate website that advertises itself as the Irish property search engine. In 2013, was purchased for €110 million by the Irish Times. It lists properties on sale from estate agents and private sellers on its website. is the Irish search engine for property, so if you're looking for homes in Dublin, Cork or Galway, you'd be crazy not to use it!





Looking for a new home? Properstar is an online property portal that combines the best properties from around the world while ensuring you receive the most up-to-date information on each to help you find your dream home.  Launched in 2008, Properstar has rapidly become a leading independent destination for property seekers looking for stylish and contemporary property worldwide. Whether you're looking to purchase property, rent, or find homes for sale, Properstar lets you search all of your options in one place. You can narrow your search by region, price, and the type of property that interests you most. The Properstar website is perfect for finding houses, apartments or holiday rentals in the UK, Spain and Italy. The mobile app will provide you with all the information you need on houses and apartments for rent in your area, as well as inspiring photos of living spaces from around the world!



5:  provides a bespoke, international property service for buyers and sellers of luxury homes. The website is the leading international real estate site, providing property services in over 50 countries. is an international real estate marketplace with over 5000 qualified agents and 5000 properties from all over the world. is a portal for those looking to buy and sell property on a global scale and is packed with features that will hopefully help you find your perfect home or investment opportunity. is a website that provides international real estate services for individuals and professionals. They have a team of experienced agents who know and have the expertise to help you locate estate property that best suits your needs. is a leading international real estate website that offers the perfect platform for anyone looking to buy or sell properties from around the world. With their team of experts, you can find your dream home in no time!






" is an international real estate website that covers the entire world that targets the USA buyer market , with search tools to help you discover your dream home in any country." is one of the most popular international real estate websites. As the fastest-growing real estate marketplace globally, is unique in that it offers direct access to over 170 countries and territories. The website provides buyers with the opportunity to search for homes across their desired country or city. Have you ever imagined what your ideal home would look like? Have you pinned dream homes on Pinterest? Have you daydreamed about where to settle down with your spouse, partner, or children? If so, then is the perfect place for you! Learn how to find your dream home by using's search tools.


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