Tips to Buying and Selling Overseas Property Online in 2017

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The overseas property market is a tough nut to crack. It’s not easy to sell your property fast to cash rich overseas investors. Similarly, finding the right overseas property to buy is not something you should be doing without professional help from an estate agent specialising in the overseas property market.


So, the first step to buying or selling an overseas property online is to hire an estate agent who specialises in this. Next, identify where your buyers are coming from.


Most cash rich overseas buyers who would want to buy your property would be from China, Russia and other emerging nations. You should have a way to reach out to them.


Here are more Tips to Buying and Selling Overseas Property Online in 2017...


Tip #1: Be proactive in the overseas property market – You should put yourself about, get noticed by the main players in the overseas property market. You shouldn’t wait for buyers to come to you; you should go looking for them. Similarly, you shouldn’t wait for sellers to catch your attention; you should start looking actively for the best properties for sale.

Remember, the property market is a highly competitive one, especially the European property market. An average European property costs between 100,000 and 300,000 Euros. If you are not proactive, you will not be able to crack the market.


Tip #2: Know your buyers – Your most likely buyers will be cash rich overseas investors from emerging nations such as China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and India, and from the Middle East. You should have a strategy in place to reach out to these buyers. You can start by hiring an overseas property specialist or an estate agent who is experienced at dealing with such cash rich overseas buyers. You can benefit from their agent network which spans across Asia and Europe, and also from their online marketing skills.


Tip #3: Participate in international property shows and exhibitions – The best way to market your property or to find one that you will want to buy is to participate in international property shows and exhibitions. Here, you will find serious buyers and sellers of overseas properties.

You will be able to make one to one presentations to high net worth individuals from countries such as China, Russia and from the Middle East, and market your property to them without any distractions of any sort. If you’re buying, you will have hundreds of sellers trying to catch your attention. The ambience at such property shows and exhibitions is always friendly and encouraging.


Tip #4: The Price – Whether you’re buying or selling, the price should be your most important consideration. The overseas property market is a highly competitive one. Both buyers and sellers have a number of tools and resources at their disposal to find out whether a property is overpriced or not.

 You shouldn’t set a price that is 5 percent higher than what comparable properties in the neighbourhood are selling for. Similarly, as a buyer, you should strictly avoid properties that are selling for more than what they are worth. You can depend on your estate agent’s advice on setting the right price for your property.


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