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Tips to Sell Overseas Property Fast 2016

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There are a number of sites where you will find information on how to buy overseas property, but not many that tell you how to sell overseas property fast. If you’re looking for tips to sell overseas property fast in 2016, you’ve come to the right place. 

The key to selling overseas property in 2016 is to be proactive rather than reactive.  Brexit is real, as is the fact that the sterling has dropped to its lowest value in over 31 years. Follow the tips given here to know how to make the most of that. 

Tip #1: Set the right price
Setting the right price is the most important thing you will need to do right at the start of the process. There will be a temptation to set a high price for your property. But please understand that the people you are trying to sell it to, such as cash rich buyers from China, Russian or Germany, are extremely sophisticated buyers, who will just walk away from the purchase if they realize that you are charging something that is in excess of what comparable properties in the neighbourhood are selling for. So, don’t be too smart here, just find out what the other properties in your area are selling for and set a price similar for that. If in doubt, consult with your estate agent about the right price to set.

Tip #2: Hire a UK estate agent specialising in overseas property 
Hiring a UK estate agent specialising in overseas property sales can make all the difference to your prospects. Unlike local estate agents, an overseas property specialist will have an agent network in countries like Russia and China and will be in a position to get in touch with cash rich overseas buyers from these countries, who are capable of offering an all-cash deal for your property. 

Tip #3: Use online marketing to great effect
This is something you can trust your UK estate agent to do for you. The idea is to promote the property overseas, on Chinese and Russian property portals, blogs, online forums and social media. Your ads should be highly targeted and be where the most likely buyers are likely to find them.

Tip #4: Pictures tell a story
Pictures or visuals make all the difference to your prospects of selling the property. Professionally taken photographs that emphasise the best features of the property increase its chances of getting sold faster. It is always better to hire a professional photographer for this purpose than to do this yourself. Also, make sure that your home looks at its best before the photography session. Have minor renovation work such as gardening and painting done, for example, without spending too much on it.

Tip #5: Describing the overseas property
Spend some time on writing an attractive and accurate description of the property. Present the property in a way that emphasises its best features while giving all the information that a buyer would look for, such as if there are any hospitals or schools nearby. Also describe the markets, shops, parks, jogging trails and the restaurants close by and the value added by them to the property. Most important– talk about the beaches, if it is a beachfront property. Your goal should be to talk about the lifestyle and to sell the lifestyle, more so than the property itself. 

Tip #6: Attend overseas property shows
Your estate agent would promote your overseas property at various property shows, which is where you will find the most serious overseas property investors. You can do your bit too. Register yourself as a participant in an overseas property show nearby, network with the buyers and promote your property to the right people.

Tip #7: Get the paperwork in order
The worst possible outcome would be to do everything right and find a buyer for the property only to realise at the last minute that you don’t have all the paperwork in order. So make sure you have all the documents you need with you. Hire a local lawyer to help put them together for you.


If you need to sell overseas property fast we can help with all of the above contact us today.


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