Tips to Sell Overseas Property Online in 2016

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2016 has been a very good year for the overseas property market. There have been a number of positive developments, as most countries have completely recovered from the prolonged economic recession that began in 2008. This presents an ideal scenario for you to sell your overseas property online

But selling overseas property in such a crowded marketplace is not easy. You will have to reckon with the competition for one. Online marketing has become more difficult than before because there are more people doing it – it’s not easy to grab attention, even with the most tastefully done advertisements. 

Even so, as long as you are proactive, and not just reactive, you can still sell your overseas property for a good price and in quick time. Follow the tips to sell overseas property online in 2016 for more on this. 

Tip #1: Take positive action – This means being active and not passive. You can easily get anything from 100,000 to 250,000 Euros from the sale of your overseas property. This is big money. The stakes are high.  You must take the process of selling very seriously. It’s not easy and requires careful attention to detail, planning and preparation. But it can be done.

Tip #2:  Hire the right agent – The agent makes all the difference if you want to sell your overseas property online. Hire a UK estate agent who had extensive experience of buying and selling overseas properties, and has an agent network across Europe and Asia. Ideally, you will want to hire one who is comfortable with communicating with wealthy individuals from emerging nations such as China, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil or Malaysia, as that’s where you will find the best cash buyers. Your agent should know how to market the property online. We discuss more about this next.

Tip #3: Online Marketing – You must invest at least some money in the online marketing of the property and hire agents who can do this for you. This means advertising the property in Chinese social media sites such as WeChat, on popular Russian property portals, pay-per-click advertising on Google, Facebook ads, Twitter marketing, posting in online forums frequented by overseas property buyers and more. No, online marketing is no joke. You better find someone who is good at this. 

Tip #4: Prepare the property for the sale – Undertake extensive bathroom and kitchen renovations, spruce up the garden, repaint the property, hire plumbers, electricians, etc. to give the property a brand new look. This shouldn’t cost you more than 5,000 to 10,000 Euros, but can easily add 50,000 to 100,000 Euros to the value of the property. The goal is to create an excellent first impression on the buyer, make them excited about the house and eager to own it.

Tip #5: Have you got the legalities in order? Selling an overseas property is not the same as selling a house in the UK. You will have to deal with a lot of paperwork abroad, and the sale can fall apart if not all the documents are in order. Hire a reputable local lawyer to take a look at your paperwork and find out well in advance of putting up the property for sale if there is anything missing. Start the marketing of the property only after your lawyer gives you an “all clear”. 

Tip #6: Describe the property accurately – It is very important to represent the property accurately in your advertisements and not to mislead the buyer in any way. Doing so can work against you later. Yes, the property should be presented well, but all the facts about the property should be accurate. Include information on the best schools and hospitals nearby, as well as shopping malls, parks, multiplexes, football clubs and other things that the buyer may consider relevant. 


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