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Tips to Sell Property in Greece Fast

15/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Greece,Greek Islands,

Are you looking for tips to sell property in Greece fast? Everybody knows that 2015 was a very difficult year for the property market in Greece. The country came close to moving out of the European Union and even on the brink of economic collapse. It has been a slow recovery for Greece since then.


To be fair, despite the massive problems that the Greek economy has had, not much has really changed in Greece. Tourism, as you know is the main industry in Greece. Greece received a record number of tourists in 2015, over 22 million. 2016 has also looked like a promising year for the Greek tourism industry.


The property market in Greece has come to life recently because a renewed interest from high net worth investors from emerging countries such as Russia and China, not to mention the usual crowd from Britain, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Germany.


There is also a great deal of interest in Greek properties coming from the United States and Australia, as both countries have sizeable Greek communities who are eager to buy a property in their homeland, especially when property prices are so low.


So for property seekers, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy property in Greece. Prices have hit rock bottom and it is doubtful if they will go down any further from this point.


So how can you take advantage of this and sell your overseas property in Greece fast? The trick to selling your property in Greece is to sell the lifestyle of the country, which means marketing the property attractively to property hunters in emerging nations such as China and Russia.

This means aggressively promoting your overseas property in the social media, online forums, property portals, international property trade shows and so on that are frequented by cash rich property buyers, whether they are from Russia, China or Ukraine.


The Greek government, on its part, is doing everything possible to encourage people to buy property in Greece. For example, to incentivize rich Chinese, Russian and other non-EU investors to buy Greek properties, the Greek government has introduced the Golden Visa.


Through the Golden Visa, the Greek government offers permanent residency permits to non-EU investors who buy Greek properties worth 300,000 EUR or more. In addition, the investors will be granted extensive travel permits and have the freedom to move as they please through the EU nations that are subject to the Schengen Agreement.


One thing you could do to help sell the property faster is to include furniture and home appliances with the sale. Most international property hunters own multiple properties in several different countries and don’t really have the time to shop for furniture or appliances for the holiday homes that they buy. They would appreciate being handed over a well furnished villa or apartment and would pay you a premium for it.


It is essential that the property should look at its best. You should be sure to carry out extensive renovations and repainting to make your Greek home for sale, appear presentable, at least. Hire plumbers, electricians, painter and gardeners, but make sure that the renovation costs are well within a fixed budget.


It is very important that you should have all the paperwork close at hand, such as the property tax receipt, sales deed, copies of the utility bills and so on, so that they can be handed out to the buyer during the negotiations. Be sure to hire a bilingual lawyer to help you out with the paperwork and the negotiations during the sale.


Finally, when selling your property in Greece, you should be aware of the capital gains tax. Capital gains from a property sale are fixed at a flat rate of 20 percent in Greece. UK & Irish Estate Agents Selling Property in Greece.

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