Tips on Selling Overseas Property Fast In 2020 To Overseas Investors

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So, you want to sell overseas property fast in 2020 to high net worth overseas investors. But how?


We get asked that a lot, actually, and the truth is there is no quick and easy way to sell your overseas property fast in 2020. It takes a lot of hard world, a very good understanding of digital marketing, a vast network and contacts with high net worth individuals across Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.


Here are More Tips on Selling Overseas Property Fast In 2020 To Overseas Investors.


Tip #1: Study the market.

Do Your Research.


The overseas property market, to be fair, has been quite tepid for the last year or so. But things are changing and changing for the better. It is only a matter of time before we get Brexit out of the way, which will help ease at least some of the uncertainty that has been hurting the market.


China has always been the most important player in the overseas property market. Wealthy Chinese buyers make up for a sizeable chunk of overseas property investors. But the recent trade war between China and the USA has dampened sentiments to an extent.


Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction and the trade disputes may be resolved soon.


Of course, there are other reasons why Chinese investors have been lying low recently – Hong Kong has been hit by a string of protests and demonstrations against the government. The recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus is not good news either.


Regardless, we expect these to be temporary setbacks; the Chinese should get back to buying overseas property across Europe and elsewhere soon.


Meanwhile, the good news is Russians are back in the market. The Russian economy has done better than expected over the last 12-18 months. Which means upper class Russians once again have the buying power or the confidence to venture into the overseas property market.


One could say the same about high net worth individuals from emerging economies such as Brazil, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey and Indonesia. Wealthy Arabs continue to be the biggest buyers of overseas property and their buying power will have increased with the recent increase in oil prices.


Tip #2:  Sell the Lifestyle.

 Now, why would anyone want to buy your overseas property? Is it the pool in the backyard? Or does it have to do with the beautiful portico? The stunning architecture? Yes, but there is more to that – the lifestyle.


People buy overseas property for the lifestyle, a dream or a longing for something different. Otherwise there isn’t really much to distinguish an apartment in Paris from one in Beijing. But apartments in Paris attract Chinese buyers because having a second home in Paris and other exotic places abroad is an ultimate status symbol – a symbol of wealth and success.


 So, if you have a villa at Cote d’Azur in France or Costa del Sol in Spain, that will get you a premium just because of the location and the lifestyle.


What if you have an overseas property in a somewhat less known country such as Bulgaria or Czech Republic? In that case you may have to spend a lot more on marketing, marketing means selling a dream. Talk about the beaches, the beautiful women (that always sells!), the food, the relaxed lifestyle, history and the local culture, and so on.


Tip #3: Spruce up the property.


Make your house, apartment or villa look reasonably presentable.


Don’t hesitate to spend money on extensive renovation of your overseas home, villa or apartment. Hire professionals such as building contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters and gardeners for the job. Don’t do it yourself.


Your house should look attractive when buyers come visiting. Remember, first impression is all that matters in the overseas property market. Cash rich buyers from abroad don’t take long to arrive at a decision on whether to buy or not.


Tip #4: Hire an overseas property expert.


If you really want to sell your overseas property quickly to wealthy, cash rich overseas investors, you must understand you cannot do it yourself. You need help from proper professionals, or overseas property estate agents who specialize in these things. Do contact us to know more.



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