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UK and Irish Estate Agents Selling Property in Greece

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Greece is world famous for its beauty and the country attracts tourists and overseas property investors from all over the world. A country which is one of the oldest civilisations in the world it is famous for the historic monuments and remains and this stunning country has had many a blockbuster movie made about its mythical and world famous Greek Gods.


There is the famous and iconic Acropolis in Athens along with many ruins and historic sites in many parts of Greece for example from the palace at Knossos to Akrotiri the Pompeii of Greece. The country is also modern and bustling from the Streets of the capital city of Athens to the stunning beaches of the Cyclades Islands. You can find stunning apartments in the main cities to chic modern villas overlooking the seas. The Greek Islands are very popular for tourists and investors alike such as Crete or Rhodes to other Islands such as Dodecanese and Ionian archipelagos .You can find any property in Greece you desire and as on of the top re sale companies for Greek property we can help you sell property in Greece fast to cash rich overseas buyers.


Selling Property in Crete

Crete is the most southern of all the Greek Islands and is the most popular for tourists and overseas property investors in Crete property. In recent years British and Irish buyers have had amazing rentals of their property and now the overseas buyer from Russia and China are flocking to the island to invest in property.

Crete has 4000 years of history nestled among the stunning apartments and villas on offer and is set among stunning landscapes and beaches and there are many unspoilt seaside towns villages and beaches which are not overdeveloped unlike Malia . Heraklion airport is flying in people from across the globe. The north west of the island is green and stunning and buying a property in this region means rubbing shoulders with the very wealthy and famous such as Madonna and Lady Gaga as the Villages and fishing villages are like stepping back in time. We can help you sell your property in Crete.


Selling Property in the Ionian Islands

Close the the coast of mainland Greece the  Ionian Islands are easy to get to apart from Kythira which is closer to the Peloponnese. Corfu and Kefalonia are the most popular of the two islands but we also sell property in Zakynthos and  Lefakada as there are many popular holiday resorts here.

Investors buy property in Ithaca for the more quiet and reserved life which sees little tourism. Each of the Ionian Islands has many different characters which appeal to different Greek property buyers as you can swim with sea turtles or party the night away in Corfu depending on where the property is.

The islands also generate great rentals. Kythira  offers stunning beaches close to modern Villas.  Lefakada draws in world famous windsurfers while Kefalonia draws in tourists for the stunning Myrtos Beach.


Selling Property in the Aegean Islands

Samos, Chios, Lesbos, Limnos, Ikaria and Thassos are what make up this region of Greek Islands and are world famous for the mountainous landscapes. Some of the most stunning beaches in the world are on these islands and the islands do not attract tourists so they are perfect for cash rich investors looking to spend their money on the quiet and relaxing life. These islands are famous for Greek Mythology from mathematician Pythagoras to the ruins of Aphrodite and the Eupalinos Tunnel to the mythical Icarus and the many hiking trails along the mountains on the islands. Or the temple of Athena and Acropolis at Agora. These islands have something to offer every overseas property investor. If you need to sell in this region of Greece we can help.


If you have property in Greece or the Greek Islands to sell contact us today. Irish and UK Estate Agents selling Greek property.

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