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19/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Portugal,

Portugal is world famous for being one of the oldest tourist destinations in the world and still has much to offer British and Irish buyers. But of late the buyers are coming from Russia, China, Germany and further afield as many EU and non EU wealthy investors flock to Portugal. The Algarve is known as one of the most famous golfing regions in Europe but is the Silver Coast near Lisbon which has attracted most of the cash rich overseas property investors. You need a expert UK and Irish estate agent selling property in Portugal to attract these buyers. They are also buying north in the Green Coast of Portugal as this region is where the best value for money properties can be found. The Risk of buying property in Portugal is very low for these high net overseas buyers as they can generate good rentals and get good returns on Investment. Portugal gets about 2 million UK and Irish tourists a year and almost 20,000 UK and Irish buy property in Portugal each year. The same figure of UK and Irish sell property in Portugal each year so its always best to have a UK and Ireland Portugal Property estate agent helping you sell who can attract buyers from across the globe. That is where we can help.


Sell Your Property in the Algarve

Thinking about selling property in the Algarve, well we can help as the cash rich overseas buyers are drawn to the calm blue waters and sun kissed golden beaches of this region of Portugal. Aside from the fishermen's boats and nets and bright boats in the harbour property investment in the Algarve offers amazing climates coupled with a very stable economy. And cash rich investors from Russia and China and overseas are spending billions of euro in search of their white washed piece of paradise. Apartments, Villas and even plots of land to develop on are being snapped up. They love the culture of the new towns and the old towns combined and they know they can yield good rentals each year from their property from many UK and Irish holiday makers. Many of these investors are also buying for the Golden Visa in Portugal so they can have a residency permit to live work and save in Portugal. The golf courses and amazing nightlife are also a big draw so there never has been a better time to sell your property in the Algarve.


Sell Your Property in the Silver Coast

Cash rich investors know that buying a property on the Silver Coast is a decision they won't regret. As for any overseas investor owning a property on the Silver Coast is like owning a property on an enchanted island with a fortress full of vineyards and orchards. Property prices in the Silver coast have held well since the recession so buying property in the Silver coast is a low risk investment. The region is full of stunning scenery landscapes and historic buildings and museums for those after the quiet life.


Sell Your Property in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and is full of culture and heritage with strong links to the past. IT has many stunning Palaces and Churches as well as ancient castles. Huge development of late in the city has attracted cash rich buyers from all parts of the world as they can buy modern chic apartments set among the narrow winding streets of the city. Not only this but the beach is close at hand to anyone looking to escape the busy and bustling city life. Property prices in the city are now on the increase and with more and more investors buying up everything there never has been a better time to sell your property in Lisbon Portugal.


Sell Your Property in Alentejo

This region of Portugal is best known and best loved for its open countryside and farmhouse style properties are what attracts the cash rich buyers to this region of Portugal. Private and wealthy buyers want a combination of the quiet life and sun kissed living as the climate is stunning all year round.

If you have property in Portugal to sell contact us today. Irish and UK Estate Agents selling property in Portugal to high net worth cash rich overseas buyers.