Working Overseas Remotely Is Now Appealing To Investors

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In an era where we can work from anywhere, why not do it on a sunny balcony overseas?


One huge dynamic to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic is that many employers, and employees, are seeing the benefits of remote working and working from home.


As this new realisation grips countries, the next logical question people are asking is, if I can work from anywhere, could I do it in a sunnier climate or somewhere that will reduce my cost of living?  The answer to both questions is, yes!!!, you absolutely could.


According to official figures, almost half of British and Irish workers were able to do some sort of work from home, during the pandemic.  As most companies attempt to get back to a state of normality, there is now a realisation that, for a lot of this generation, remote working is now the normality. 


For those genuinely tempted by a move overseas in this new era, there are of course many other factors to consider.  Alongside the weather and the cost of living, one of the other main areas people need to consider is the technology in other regions, the most relevant of course being internet connection. 


The UK and Ireland lag behind many of our favourite overseas destinations in terms of broadband speed, according to research by broadband comparison websites and


While the UK is the sixth cheapest country in Western Europe for average monthly packages, it ranks a poor 19th in the European Union, or 25th for all of Europe (out of 54 surveyed), for average connection speed, said the research, with Ireland even lower down the list.


According to the research, at the start of 2020, the average monthly cost of a fixed-line broadband package in the UK was £27.50 ($35.71). By comparison, Europe’s cheapest country is Romania ($8.15) and most expensive, excluding island destinations, is Switzerland ($72.10).


Heavy investment in FTTP has seen Ireland improve its broadband speed in recent years, so it’s now faster than the UK, although it’s still a fair way behind on price (€51.50/month).


The UK’s sluggish performance is down to its slowness in rolling out pure fibre or FTTP (fibre to the premises) technology, compared to many other European countries, including smaller fast-developing ones, which have embraced it.



So, if you’re on the hunt for an overseas home with reliable and good value broadband, these points might help you decide where to go.


The Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are pioneers of fast affordable broadband. As in other northern European countries, their focus on FTTH has led not only to some of the fastest broadband packages in the world (up to 1Gbps), but also some of the cheapest, with Lithuania in particular offering some of the best value broadband in the world ($11.14/month). 


In these regions, there are of course much bigger savings to be made overall in other areas such as accommodation and consumer prices, with the UK generally considered to be around 60% (100% in Ireland) more expensive overall than Lithuania and around 50% (91% in Ireland) than Latvia, for example, in these crucial areas, according to latest figures on numbeo,com. 


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For those of you who have sunnier climates in mind, then, it would be madness not to consider both the faster and cheaper internet in expat hot spots such as Spain, France and Portugal.  All these areas offer faster broadband than the UK, with Spain being a respectable eighth in the European Union for speed. France is also cheaper on average than the UK, as is Italy. 


Again, potential savings are there to be enjoyed in other areas.  According to, UK costs are estimated to be higher than Spain (18%), Italy (4%) and Portugal (24%) to name but a few, when it comes to these crucial everyday expenses such as consumer prices and accommodation. In Ireland, these costs are alarmingly even higher again compared to Spain (55%), Italy (32%) and Portugal (68%)


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In this new global village we live in, there is absolutely no reason for remote workers not to look beyond Europe, with potentially even further savings, sunnier climates and technological advances to be explored in parts of Asia, Africa, Australasia, The Middle East and South America. 


Yes, there are, of course, many other factors to consider, and the dream of just getting up and heading off to a utopian world of sun and savings isn’t going to be that simple.  However, when you weigh up those potential savings, alongside the chance to explore other cultures, you soon realise that this is something that remote workers would be insane not to at least think about and research.


There you have it then folks, for those remote workers thinking that living with frequent grey clouds above their heads, with expenses that their ancestors would assume was some sort of weird joke, is just the price they have to pay in order to get by, the stark reality is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  In a world where can generally be connected to each other from anywhere with the press of a button, the only thing stopping you from potentially living a better, more affluent life in a different climate, is your own imagination (or lack of it).     


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By Jonny Noble

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