Tips to help close a sale in Spain for 2019

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Don’t be surprised if buyers of Spanish property open your hidden doors or closets in the bedrooms drawers in the kitchen. This shows they are interested and is pretty normal. If they glance through the house and don’t to any of these things even when you offer to show them around it usually means they don’t like what they see and are not serious about this property they are viewing. So we recommend to keep these 4 areas neat and tidy to help sell your property in Spain.


Wardrobes or Closets – less is more the more space you offer the more potential the buyer sees from the closet. If a property has good wardrobe or closet space the buyer can appreciate the property more and get a vision for what they want. Make your closets neat tidy and de clutter them. Do not think you are having your privacy invaded but rather showing every space possible to the buyer for storage. Do not leave money or valuables in the closet nor underwear or anything else make the space as big as possible as the more storage you have the better the buyer looks at the Spanish property.


Bathrooms and en suites – make sure the sinks, bathtubs, toilets and showers are spotless. Take away any hanging towels or clothes. Make the room look and smell as clean as possible fresh flowers always helps with making a bathroom have a nice crisp clean smell. Fix any small leaks from taps or shower heads as leaks can put buyers off as they see it as more money they have to spend. If the bathroom walls are a bit mouldy paint them as a fresh coat of paint can freshen a bathroom up as well as the other small factors mentioned.


Garage or store rooms – in most property for sale in Spain garages are used as store rooms for things that are never used and over time becomes your own private junk yard. Do a garage sale get rid of everything you no longer need or want. Clean the garage or store room thoroughly show it as another room where the buyer can maybe use or for something other than a garage or store room like an office or an outdoor gym. If you have used the garage to store garbage at any time we recommend air fresheners and flowers in here as well as you need to air it out as much as possible.


Kitchen – make sure the kitchen cabinets are clean inside and out if you haven’t looked at them in years now is the time take everything out disinfect the inside to freshen them up. Touch the wood to see how strong it feels. Make the cabinets seem like they have allot of space so de clutter them. Check the drawers make sure they all work and fix them if they do not as a buyer will look at this as more money they have to spend. Check the cabinets under the sink for water leaks and clean round the pipes as it will give the impression this is a relatively new kitchen. Make sure the sink is spotless and there is no dirty dishes of any kind lying around. Get rid of all food garbage. Check the electrical appliances to make sure they are all fully working as the buyer will want to know if they are all included in the purchase of the Spanish property. So keep them clean.


If you need to sell a property in Spain contact us today as we have helped clients sell many properties over the years.

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